It’s not personal

The driver who rudely cuts in front of our car infuriates us because we deem the discourtesy as a personal affront; but it’s not.  The driver of that car doesn’t even know your name, so how can it be “personal?”  When people are discourteous, inconsiderate or rude,... Read More

Forgot to put in my post yesterday that attribution for What Really Matters goes to Prager University. Stay safe and be well everyone. Read More

The new America!

Grant Napear was fired by his radio station and resigned as the Sacramento Kings TV play-by-play announcer last week after he was mobbed for tweeting “All Lives Matter. Read More

A comparison

I’ve long maintained that where we get our news is (unfortunately) the predicate for most political opinions, and unless people get their information from a variety of sources, the “news” we receive is usually in the form of a narrative that comports with that... Read More