Pick Five!

Many years ago I attended a business seminar that began in a most unusual way.  Instead of beginning the presentation with a witticism or humorous anecdote, the speaker began by asking a simple question—“What’s really important to you?” and then handed out packets of... Read More

More Random Thoughts

Children born out-of-wedlock suffer from a range of emotional and behavioral problems, e.g., poor school performance, poor impulse control, aggression and a diminished sense of right and wrong. So when looking at disparities in education, wealth and health in this... Read More

White Privilege

Perhaps one of the reasons some people push back a bit when they hear the term white privilege is because many on the left have distorted the message described in Wellesley College professor Peggy McIntosh’s seminal article, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible... Read More

Random Thoughts

One of the more significant differences between the political left and right can be summed up by the questions each side asks about public policy. For example, when discussing the minimum wage someone on the right is likely to ask, “Does this policy do good?’ while... Read More