Folktale or Reality?

In 1837 Hans Christian Andersen wrote a folktale about an Emperor living in a great city who was exceedingly fond of new clothes.  Life was good and the people of the city were happy.   Every day strangers would arrive and among them were two swindlers who let it be... Read More

A case for common sense

When politicians talk about taxing big corporations, they only people they fool are the gullible and uniformed. Corporations do not pay taxes, people pay taxes.  A corporation’s treasurer may write and sign the check, but the money that goes to the IRS comes first... Read More

One man one vote

I’m supposed to have a commentary in the Vail Daily tomorrow but since I’m a target of the cancel culture here in the Valley I never know if my words will appear in my ‘off week.’  Once we had an honest broker of information for our editor, but... Read More