Climate Change

Who’s Fooling Who?

Ya gotta love the elites who rationalize flying in private jets because they buy “carbon offsets.”  Give me a break!  These folks should remind us of the men who during the Civil War legally circumvented the Conscription Act by paying another man to take their place... Read More

A Lesson in Grammar

An exclamation mark is a grammatical sign used to express strong feelings or a forceful statement that someone wants us to believe.  So, considering the importance of the exclamation point in the English language, I thought I would illustrate the evolution of climate... Read More

There is no debate!

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of the climate debate is that there is no debate.  The cancel culture and the media have conspired to silence those brave enough to dissent.  Honest scientists must now be careful about circulating data that debunks the assumptions... Read More