Vail Ski Instructor

Vail Ski Instructor

Vail has many excellent ski instructors, why take a private lesson with L.S. “Butch” Mazzuca?

There are dozens of reasons to take a private lesson with Butch, but let’s focus on just three of them.

  1. You’ll have fun!
  2. You’ll become a more proficient skier and use less energy.
  3. Butch keeps it simple—let’s face it, skiing is not rocket science—but you need to know the basics; you’ll soon understand why skis do what they do and how you can control them more effectively.

Here are two important questions you may want to ask yourself before heading to Vail for a ski vacation.

  1. What do I want from my skiing experience?
  2. How will I know when I’ve received it?

Butch will help you answer these questions.

Butch is a local’s local; if you need assistance with boot-fitting, choosing new skis, picking the perfect restaurant or shopping for a special gift, Butch is there to make you ski vacation an exceptional experience. 

Here are some things that former students of Butch have to say:

" The best ski lesson that I've had in 20 years, I will request Butch again."
- Bob C. Lake, Tahoe, CA

Vail Ski Instructor A day on the mountain doesn’t stop there.

  1. Safety protocols are emphasized from the moment you start your day.
  2. Did you know that a few simple adjustments will make practically any boot more comfortable and effective to improve your skiing almost immediately?
  3. You’ll learn how to steer clear of situations that can put you "over your head" and then what to do about it when you end up there anyway.

Everyone receives a lesson plan at the beginning of the day, a summary review at the end of the day and an individualized ‘tips list’ for the next day.

Member of PSIA, Professional Ski Instructors of America