After nearly three years of intense investigation and false accusations the Mueller Russia probe failed to establish that any member of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government to interfere with our election.   We also learned that special counsel Robert Mueller was a figurehead and the true chief investigator was Washington attorney Andrew Weismann, a Clinton supporter.  Nonetheless, the media’s drumbeat for impeachment continues.

With the failed Mueller investigation the media had to find “something” to pin on the president, and that something is the conversation between Trump and Ukrainian president, Zelensky.  And the reality of the matter is Nancy Pelosi isn’t driving the narrative; the media is.

The media understands Biden is damaged goods, Bernie, a 78-year old angry socialist with heart issues isn’t  going to defeat the president in a general election, and Kamela Harris, who’s polling a distant fourth in her home state, Pete Buttgieg, a candidate with no gravitas whatsoever, and ‘give me your guns,’ Beto O’Rourke will never capture the imagination of the American people.

The media also understands in absence of a Bloomberg, or Michelle or Hillary coming out of the woodwork, it’s going to be Elizabeth Warren by default.  And they know a Trump/Warren matchup turns the contest into ‘capitalism versus socialism,’ a contest that strongly favors the president.

So the media, with Adam Schiff and the Democrat Party hitching a ride, is doing its best to unseat the president allegation by allegation and accusation upon accusation because it knows that the continual charges of lying or criminal activity is the left’s only hope to keep him from winning re-election.

Let’s look at some facts.  There were no promises made during Trump/Zelensky phone conversation.  And the “favor” that’s supposedly the smoking gun, had nothing to do with Hunter Biden; Trump asked the Ukrainian president for cooperation with an official Justice Department investigation regarding Ukrainian links into the origins of the Mueller-Russia probe.  And there’s nothing improper about asking a foreign leader to cooperate with an official Justice Department investigation, in fact, it can be argued that the president would be derelict if he didn’t.

Additionally, there was no constitutional violation in the call Trump made to Zelensky because there was no treason, high crime or misdemeanor—none.  So let’s get real for a moment; all politicians conduct opposition research and asking President Zelensky to look into Ukrainian interference in our 2016 election that may include actions by the former VP and his son, is neither illegal, unethical nor inappropriate.

Recall, former Vice President Biden asked the former Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor or he would withhold a billion dollars in loans; a demand that was recorded on tape.  Interestingly, it’s Biden’s request that’s actually an ethics violation because his son was under investigation at the time.  But it’s “nothing to see here folks” according to the media.

Trump believes the Obama administration; the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton colluded to set up the Russia investigation.  Now whether those beliefs are grounded in reality is academic because the fact remains there are acknowledged links between Ukraine and the 2016 election, rendering the president’s request eminently reasonable.

What may be concerning for the president is that prior to making the call to Zelensky he did freeze nearly $400 million in military aid, which doesn’t look good.  But “It doesn’t look good” is not grounds for impeachment so long as there was no quid pro quo, which there wasn’t according to former Ukrainian envoy, Kurt Volker’s testimony before Congress.

The media’s role in the matter has been despicable.  The Associated Press flat out lied in it’ nationwide dispatch stating, “ Trump raised allegations unsupported by any evidence the former Vice President sought to interfere with the Ukrainian prosecutors investigation of his son Hunter.”  Really?  Did the AP miss Biden’s taped admission?

I won’t speculate about how Adam Schiff may have compromised himself when he lied about his contact with the whistleblower; but I think we can agree he’s lost credibility in the matter.  Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi knows impeachment under current circumstances won’t benefit the democrats but the media is forcing her hand.  Which brings me to my original question—what’s the crime?

Quote of the Day: “I changed my password to “incorrect” so, whenever I forget it the computer will say, “Your password is incorrect.”—Unknown