The two issues I find most disturbing about the politics of this country are the state of our southern border and climate change.  So today and tomorrow I’m going to address each.

Beginning with the border, I simply do not understand why a government, any government would knowingly not protect its own borders.  I’m also at a loss as to why more Americans haven’t expressed outrage over this situation.  For months the media expressed ‘outrage’ over the fabricated Jussie Smollett canard but unless you were watching FOX News almost nothing about five million people illegally entering our country.

One can speculate but it should be obvious to any clear-thinking individual that the democrats want the border open because they want to change the demographics of the country, which they believe will inure to their benefit at the ballot box.   Such actions are beyond reprehensible they’re despicable!

Recently Oregon’s State Senate passed a bill that would make illegal immigrants in the state eligible for Medicaid-funded medical services and sent the legislation to Democratic Gov. Kate Brown for signature who had previously expressed support for the ‘Cover All People’ proposal.  So, allow me to ask rhetorically, how long do suppose it will be before other democrat precincts pass similar legislation and secondly, how do you think the notion of “free American healthcare” might be received by the millions of dispossessed from all over the world?

In 2018 President Trump and congress had a deal in hand to remedy the immigration issue.  But John McCain, still smarting from Trump’s insults in the pre-primary run-up to the election, chose to fly to Washington (against his oncologist’s wishes) to cast the deciding ‘no vote’ and stick his thumb in Trump’s eye while killing the former president’ comprehensive immigration reform bill.

The result – today the United States has the world’s most porous border and the Biden administration and the democrats in congress are taking full advantage of the opportunity because they know if they turn Texas blue, the republicans will never win another presidential election.

If Joe Biden wanted to fix the border, he could do so in an instant – all he would need to do is reinstate the previous administration’s policies.  Donald Trump told Mexican President Andrés Obrador that unless the Mexican government took control of their border that he (Trump) would designate the Mexican drug cartels as terror organizations and as such the United States would use whatever means necessary including drone strikes and Osama bin Laden type SEAL Team insertions to root them out.

Within days of issuing his ultimatum, the Mexican army suddenly appeared at both its southern and northern borders and illegal immigration the attendant fentanyl flow into the United States was reduced to a trickle almost overnight.  The reason we have an open border is because the Democrat Party, supported by leftist elites, such as George Soros want America to have an open border.

Score this one – John McCain and friends – 1    America – 0

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