• If you want to see the clearest examples of “systemic racism” in America look no further than our inner city schools where black kids have been receiving a substandard education for years.  If you doubt that allow me to ask, would you send your child to an inner city school in Chicago, Detroit or Washington D.C.?  Perhaps BLM should partner with the Democrat Party’s two largest donors, the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers, and look into that situation.
  • What’s happening on America’s streets would be understandable if it were really about free speech; but it’s not because peaceful protestors have had their efforts hijacked by violent anarchists and Marxists.
  • The strife on America’s streets shouldn’t be that complicated. Don’t assault fellow citizens; don’t assault police officers or firebomb their vehicles; don’t loot and destroy small businesses.  And just how does it help minorities when rioters destroy their communities and their businesses?  Peaceful protests must be protected.  Riots must be stopped.
  • Martin Luther King never burned a building, torched a police car or tore down a statue but somehow the left never likes to talk about that.
  • Perhaps a good criterion for assessing the black lives matter movement would be to ascertain if the streets of America’s cities are safer since the death of George Floyd.
  • And speaking of George Floyd, the Go Fund Me pages for Mr. Floyd and his daughter Gianna (who he abandoned six years ago) are closing in on $20 million dollars.  (Is this a great country or what?)
  • And to honor Mr. Floyd, the city of Minneapolis is set to erect a permanent memorial using a planning grant provided by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. I wonder if the inscription on the memorial will include his arrest record–unbelievable!
  • Nothing says “unity” like playing a separate National Anthem for black people and white people before NFL games.


  • There’s an old expression “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado wait a few minutes and it will change.” Well if you don’t like what the data says about the coronavirus just wait a few weeks and it too will change.  States that were in terrible shape in June look good now while states that were in good shape then now show ominous trends.  Such is the nature of a pandemic.
  • With a few notable exceptions, such as what occurred in New York where the governor directed thousands of COVID-19 patients into nursing homes when other facilities were readily availabe, I believe federal, state and local authorities have been doing as well as can be expected vis-à-vis this unforeseen pandemic.
  • Prior to COVID the president had strangled China’s economy to the point that it was in free-fall while America’s economy was on fire.  And while I try not to fall victim of conspiracy theories, it would be foolish not to at least consider the possibility that the Chinese Communist government purposely released a biological weapon upon the world.
  • What are the odds when a COVID vaccine is finally approved that Congress will propose legislation requiring “proof of vaccination” before we’re allowed to enter public buildings, sporting events, concerts and perhaps even your local 7-11?
  • Look for the media to vilify Trump unmercifully the day after COVID breaks out in a school district.
  • What if everyone started wearing masks with ‘Trump 2020”on them, how long do you think it would be before we were told that wearing masks was unnecessary?

~ The Election ~ 

  • If the Obama-Biden economy had been as good as the left maintains Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 election.
  • Mail-in ballots are a recipe for disaster. Want proof?  Recently it took six weeks for the State of New York to declare winners in two congressional elections.  If a few thousand mail-in ballots caused a six-week delay in determining the winners can you imagine what would occur in a presidential election encompassing fifty states and over a hundred and fifty million ballots?

Quote of the day:  “America is a place of opportunity for individuals willing to seize it, and that fact is still well known around the world, even if our own population is increasingly ignorant of it.”—Dan Crenshaw, U.S. House of Representative for Texas’ 2nd Congressional District.

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