• One of the more significant differences between the political left and right can be summed up by the questions each side asks about public policy. For example, when discussing the minimum wage someone on the right is likely to ask, “Does this policy do good?’ while someone on the left is more inclined to ask, “Does this policy feel good?”
  • Race based affirmative action does not help black students—it hurts them; which is one of the primary reasons the black college graduation rate is 1/3rd less than that for whites. Too many under qualified black students are admitted to colleges that demanded more academic rigor than they are prepared for.
  • Post COVID-19 even China’s vaunted propaganda machine is going to have a difficult time re-establish trust from the international community.
  • Iran is making a big mistake when they bait Trump in the Persian Gulf.
  • Does anyone else find it interesting how absent the UN has been during this pandemic? The two democracies that the U.N. treats the worst, Israel and Taiwan, have done superbly vis-à-vis COVID-19; exactly the opposite of the UN’s pet China.
  • Look for Russia, China, Iran and North Korea to become more provocative as the November election approaches in the hope Trump will be replaced by a malleable U.S. president.
  • I trust the UN climate models just slightly less than I trust the UN council on human rights.
  • The‘#Metoo’ movement now has a new criterion; “You always have to believe the woman unless the man in question is a democrat running for president.”
  • Interesting too – EVERY single liberal friend who I’ve asked about the matter has remained strangely silent – and I mean SILENT – not a single response.
  • And should we have an independent FBI investigation as was called for during the Kavanaugh hearings?
  • As the COVID-19 situation improves look for the blame-game to begin in earnest amongst governors who seem to forget our system of government is federalism and seek to shift blame from places like Albany, Olympia and Annapolis to Pennsylvania Ave.
  • “Come to Chinatown, because precautions have been taken. The city is on top of the situation.”—Nancy Pelosi 2/24/20.
  • We’re told plastic straws pollute our oceans so cities like Seattle and New York have banned them—and do you know where the mayors of these cities received their information? From Milo Cress, a then 9-year old boy who got his information by conducting a telephone survey.  Ah yes, liberals do love their science.
  • During the period Joe Biden was put “in charge” of China relations by Barack Obama, the Chinese economy, as measured by GDP grew 12,000% faster than did the US economy – “C’mon man, China ain’t a problem!”

Thought for the day:  Did you know the word swims when turned upside down and spelled backwards is still “swims?”

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