A tell in poker is an almost imperceptible variation in a player’s behavior or actions.  Perhaps it’s a change in facial expression, an eye-movement, a subtle glance, a hand gesture, or timing that gives information about the strength or weakness of the player’s hand and/or what their future actions may be.  But regardless of the tell, winning players spot tells, losing players miss them.

In March of 2008, when Michelle Obama said, “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback,” she revealed a ‘tell’ that should have told us all we needed to know about her husband’s agenda; but most of America missed it.

So, let’s start with one simple fact – Joe Biden is not smart enough to do to this country what it is currently undergoing.  As I’ve written previously, we are experiencing Barack Obama’s third term, but this time, by extrapolation with an addled 79-year-old as its figurehead.

~ “I felt this thrill going up my leg as Obama spoke” ~

The worsening political correctness abetted by a complicit media is doing to America what no foreign army ever has—it’s bringing this country to its knees.  And I can no longer delude myself on the matter, and as much as I regret admitting it, the reality is, America has been fundamentally changed by a former community organizer with the help of a media operating with the deftness of a ministry of propaganda.

Victor David Hanson is a favorite social commentator of mine and many of my blog ideas are birthed in his social commentaries.  His synopsis that woke ideology is leftist doctrine that all perceived inequality must be the fault of someone else is spot on.  And how the woke have rationalized that personal behavior, conduct, chance, health, inheritance, and character play no role in outcomes and are summarily dismissed as the reasons for unequal results, is nothing short of amazing.

So, when Hanson suggests that the recent tactics of two of the most hallowed American institutions, the FBI and CIA now resemble those of the former KGB or the East German Stasi it’s difficult to argue.  And when combined with the new woke reality that off-hand comment made 30 years ago at a high school dance can destroy a career built over a lifetime or when biological men with full male genitalia & physiology are settings records at all-girl swim and track meets and no one seems to care, it doesn’t bode well for the country.

Woke ideology is now the hallmark of a nation where colleges and universities are no longer bastions of research and free expression and are now more concerned with safe spaces and keeping political views that don’t comport with leftist ideology off campus—even if it means physically assaulting the conservative speakers.  Daily we see young people with part-time jobs who are unable to make change for a dollar without a calculator because their teachers choose to emphasize transgenderism instead of the three Rs.

~ But it’s not our fault! ~

And all this fomented by the political party that controls both houses of congress and the presidency yet, inflation, energy prices, shortages, the border crisis, and rising crime are somehow someone else’s fault.  Woke ideology is strangling energy and food production because of green superstition while crime rates soar as woke district attorneys unleash the criminal element upon the innocent.

To the woke, except for sex & gender of course, the world is binary; people are either noble victims or demonic oppressors with the primary determinant of who’s who being the color of one’s skin.  And if those things don’t resonate with you, ask yourself, has the spate of black actors now appearing in TV commercials (roughly 45% in a country that’s only 12% black) done anything to stop the carnage in Chicago?

And where but in woke America can the death of a convicted felon with a violent criminal history, including putting a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman warrant a bronze memorial while monuments to consequential Americans are defaced and toppled?  The woke fail to comprehend that history is not theirs to erase or destroy; history is not arbitrary and it’s not there for anyone to like or dislike. It is there to learn from, and if it offends us, all the better because then we are less likely to repeat those mistakes.

The yin and yang of the liberal/conservative argument has been going on for years, but could anyone imagine what’s occurring now before Obama took office?   But the real tragedy is that I no longer believe this leftward movement will be reversed.   Consider, the left controls the media & academia, and has convinced the uninformed that 1,000 unarmed protestors who walked into the Capitol Building on January 6th and injured no one, were a “threat to democracy.”

Woke ideology means will continue to experience Saturday nights in Chicago, an out-of-control southern border, urine and feces covered sidewalks in Los Angeles & San Francisco, $80-$90 gas fill-ups and Twitter lynchings for the transgression of voicing an alternative opinion.

What I see in the culture today, does not bode well for America, but the truly sad part of all this, is “the woke” will never know the America I grew up in.

 Quote of the day: “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home”—Confucius

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