• It is not a coincidence that the cities with the greatest homeless problems are also the cities that have incorporated the most restrictive building codes.
  • Facebook and Twitter have become the preferred platform for those who prefer outrage, extremism and hostility to debate, kindness and charity and sadly, I doubt it will change anytime soon.
  • Sometimes I think the biggest problem with the Left is that they actually believe government is some type of magic wand.
  • Sad but true; Antifa is the natural outgrowth of America’s public school system.
  • No one questions that COVID is being politicized; however, there’s ONE item where there can be no debate. It was Donald Trump who saw fit to shut down flights from China in late January while Joe Biden called him Xenophobic for doing so.  So exactly which of the two really took the incipient pandemic seriously?
  • The reason we need a secure southern border is indisputable…
    • 90% of heroin and fentanyl that enters the U.S. comes across our southern border
    • 10,000 children are victims of sexual trafficking across our southern border every year.
    • Illegal aliens comprise 3.3% of America’s general population yet astonishingly they account for 25% of the inmates in federal penitentiaries—and why is that fact never discussed on CNN or MSNBC?
    • The net annual cost of illegal immigration to the American taxpayer is $135 billion/year
  • I don’t recall who said it, but borders should be a matter of national soveirgnty and are a physical representation of where good ideas begin and bad ideas start.  We need look no further than North & South Korea or East & West Berlin.  Lest we forget, we as Americans have a unique culture and identity, and it’s no accident that we are the wealthiest, most productive and most generous nation on earth.  I hope we keep it that way.
  • How is it that people who have never uttered a word  about the differences in the way blacks and whites are treated by the police until George Floyd’s death are now ‘experts’ on what police department across America need to do?
  • In her acceptance speech, Kamela Harris said; We are united by the fundamental belief that every human being is of infinite worth deserving of compassion, dignity and respect.”  What hypocrisy!  Google a video of Harris’ questioning Brett Kavanaugh. The way she tried to bully and intimidate our newest Supreme Court Justice wasn’t compassionate, dignified or respectful, it was despicable!  .
  • The division and hate in this country is not coming from the right, it’s coming from the Left—when Trump won in 2016 it was the Left that formed ‘the resistance’ and it was left via the Marxist Antifa organization that began limiting free speech on college campuses and elsewhere – and all this before the president ever took office.
  • I truly believe CNN and MSNBC have institutionalized the hate and bile that is directed toward the president.
  • When the Left talks about  “bringing America together,” we need to ask, just how are they going to do that; by introducing socialism to America?
  • Does anyone see a similarity between Chauncey Gardner from the 1979 hit movie “Being There” and our current Democrat nominee for president?  After all, both are simple-minded men who mean no harm and have lived in Washington D.C. for years without ever being aware of the real world around them.  Just sayin’

Quote of the day” – “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”—George Orwell

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