Kangaroo courts are sham legal proceedings which are set-up in order to give the impression of a fair legal process. In fact, they offer no impartial justice as the verdict is invariably to the detriment of the accused, and of course, decided in advance.  Such courts are associated with groups who have found a need to dispense a rough and ready form of justice but are, temporarily at least, outside the bounds of formal judicial processes; for example, inmates in jail, soldiers at war, settlers of lands where no jurisdiction has yet been established and now, the U.S House of Representatives.

Pelosi’s decision to go all-in on impeachment is fraught with danger and will have consequences far beyond Donald Trump’s presidency.   There’s an old expression, “What goes around, comes around” and this move by the speaker could very well tear America apart as we move forward.

And let’s get real – based on the evidence the House has thus far made public, impeaching Trump is a joke, it’s completely without merit.  But as a friend of mine said to me recently, this is going to get uglier and uglier, and anyone who believes our country is divided now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I believe Nancy Pelosi caved to the extreme left of her party and has shown that she’s willing to increase the partisan divide and throw the country into chaos in order to satisfy them.   But let’s dig even deeper to get to what this is really about for the speaker.  Pelosi is afraid if she didn’t impeach, the left wing of her party simply won’t support the democrat candidate in the upcoming election—to her mind then, this is the only path to putting a democrat in the Oval Office next year.

Pelosi has made a choice, and instead on working with the Senate and the White House to pass the USMCA, refine our Immigration laws, rebuild our infrastructure, address homelessness and prescription drug prices, she’s chosen a food fight—has anyone seen the movie “Animal House?”

Quote of the day:  “California, a place where they mandate electric cars, then turn off the power.”–Unknown