Bobbi and I are still in Florida and politics are one of the last things on my mind.  Still, it’s difficult to get away from the reminders of how badly this administration is harming America.  So, today I’m going to talk about a couple of related subjects – equity, diversity, and race in America, beginning with the appointment of Ketanji Brown-Jackson to the Supreme Court.

The Biden administration would have us believe that diversifying the Supreme Court by nominating someone solely based on race and gender is a desirable because different races and genders bring a “different perspective” to the court.  But doing so is both racist and sexist because it assumes that everyone of a specific race or gender holds the same point of view, and that point of view is different from those of other races and sexes.

Can anyone say with specificity what a black or the female legal perspective is?   And if someone believes they can do so, then that someone should consider themself either racist, sexist or both.  Neither blacks nor women are monolithic in their thinking.  And to cite one very appropriate example, the respective records of Clarence Thomas and Ketanji Brown-Jackson reveal the two have completely different legal perspectives, just as Amy Coney-Barrett and Elena Kagan consistently rule differently in the cases they hear.

Nonetheless, the magic words for this administration remain equity and diversity.  So, let’s examine what the most diverse presidential cabinet in history has accomplished since assuming control nearly two years ago: a supply chain crisis, empty shelves, rampant inflation, soaring energy costs, spiraling deficits, historical amounts of fentanyl entering the US from the southern border and a literal invasion by illegal aliens from more than 160 different countries  So, step back for a moment, look around and ask yourself, if given a choice, which would you prefer Equity & Diversity or Experience & Competence?

On a tangential matter, political pundit Clyde Wilson has accurately written that in the long run of history, the story of America is the settlement by Europeans of a continental wilderness and their establishment of free institutions and widespread prosperity that has been the envy of the world, and how African American slavery, while an abject abomination, was a sidebar to our history.

Yet today in woke America the subject of slavery is today unhealthily entwined with guilt, shame, hypocrisy, projection, prurient imagination, propaganda, vengeance, extortion, and virtue signaling that it precludes reasoned historical discussion.  This continual drumbeat of “how bad America is” speaks volumes how the woke Nazis of the left with the help of a complicit media have succeeded in eliminating any serious discussion of the matter, especially amongst young people.

So, for a moment let’s be clear.  Historical records prove slavery has existed on planet earth for almost 9,000 years.   Meanwhile, slavery existed in the United States as a nation for 75 of those years, i.e., from the ratification of the Constitution until the Emancipation Proclamation when President Lincoln, eliminated slavery in the United States.

At the same time, a hallmark of Western civilization has been its willingness to critically examine its history, something that’s not always been the case with most societies around the world.

But we also know history is written by the ruling classes to justify its actions while bolstering its place in the pantheon of civilizations.  Nonetheless, intelligent, and honest examination of the past is still possible and the fabricated history that slavery was the rock upon which America was built (the 1619 Project) is not only a false narrative, but a highly dangerous one.  So, when ‘the woke’ and the media feign guilt over slavery, what they are really engaging in is a substitution of a manufactured abstraction over historical reality.

Victor David Hansen writes that until about 2008, it was generally believed America had made great strides in rendering race incidental rather than essential to our characters.  We were moving away from the racial collective of our past to the individual, which of course was the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., who emphasized content of character versus the color of skin.

However, Barack Obama’s presidency, resurrected tribal identity politics when he in Hansen’s words, rebooted the hackneyed word “diversity” and made it synonymous with anyone and anything “nonwhite,” instantly making race the true barometer of who was oppressed and who was the oppressor.

To quote Hansen, “Millionaires, CEOs, American presidents, and surgeons—anyone not white but in the upper classes and rich—supposedly now found group cohesion through the color of their skin, their nations of origin, or their ethnic affiliations, a more sophisticated, but also more insidiously divisive, version of Jesse Jackson’s old “rainbow coalition.”

So, is it any surprise at what we see in America today from an Obama’s protégé?  The constant white demonization that began with the election of Barack Obama continues to this day through Biden’s magic word, “equity”.

Even our military leaders echo this nonsense, to wit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Miley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised to ferret out “white rage” and find “white supremacists” within the ranks.  Interestingly, neither offered any hard evidence to support those statements nor were they asked to do so by a curiously incurious media.

I have no idea where this will all lead save to say that come next November, expect to see a course correction in the direction of the country and hopefully we can begin to undo the social damage to this nation that began in 2008.

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