Many conservatives like myself don’t want Trump to run in 2024 because even though they like his policies and his ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ demeanor, they also believe the chaos he brings to the table just isn’t worth it.  Meanwhile, it’s also fair to ask, prior to the January 6th imbroglio, exactly what chaos did Donald Trump actually cause?

If you were to ask a liberal that question, you would likely to receive the standard left-wing response – “Oh, c’mon” followed by an eye roll.  And if you had the audacity to challenge the individual to be specific, you would probably receive a look of incredulity followed by “Remember January 6th?  He’s a threat to our democracy!” and the tête-à-tête would likely end then and there.

The events of January 6th forever ended any and all possibility of Trump defenders ever having the perceived moral high ground in an argument concerning the former president.  2,925 days of incessant media pounding, including the cries for his impeachment that began before he was inaugurated, have guaranteed that Donald Trump’s place in history is etched in stone.  The NY Times, CNN, and Nancy Pelosi were masterful in their character assassination – Joseph Goebbels could not have done it better.

But the response about January 6th being a threat to our democracy is telling.  First, why do democrats always refer to “our democracy” as if there’s something magical in the word – think about it, two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner is an example of democracy.  Democrats never talk about the fact that the United States is actually a republic, but the real tragedy is they don’t seem to care about understanding the differences.  Perhaps that’s because ‘a threat to our democracy’ fits nicely on a bumper sticker, while understanding the difference between ‘our democracy’ and ‘our republic’ requires an understanding of the Constitution and Founders’ vision.  At the same time, the notion that 1,000 unarmed protesters acting illegally (and stupidly I might add) could have been a threat to “our democracy,” belongs in an Avengers comic book.

Up until January 6th, 2021, the only chaos Trump wrought was conferred on him by the media.  For example, please recall how the legacy media tried to convince Americans that Trump was guilty of violating international law for hunting down & killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the Iranian master terrorist Qasem Soleimani.

The truth of the matter is the only chaos Trump caused was an unforced error of his own making, i.e., the events of January 6th.  And the stigma of that day will remain with him every bit as much as the eloquence of the Gettysburg Address will eternally be a part of Lincoln’s legacy.

The operative word in the preceding was chaos, so I thought I might share a few thoughts from one of my favorite political pundits, Mr. Judd Garrett, on the current chaos in America –none of which can be ascribed to Donald Trump.

  • Transgender people running around topless on the lawn of the White House is chaotic.
  • A grown man dressed in women’s lingerie reading sexually explicit books to elementary school students is chaotic.
  • Having pornographic books on the shelves of our children’s school libraries is chaotic.
  • Public school teachers transitioning children from one sex to the other without the knowledge or consent of the child’s parents is chaotic.
  • Surgically removing the private parts of minors is chaotic.
  • Five million illegal immigrants crossing into our country in two and a half years is chaotic.
  • The Mexican drug cartels controlling our southern border is chaotic.
  • Thousands of children being human trafficked in America each year is chaotic.
  • 70,000 American citizens dying of drug overdoses every year is chaotic.
  • Homeless people taking over major parts of our cities, shooting up drugs, and defecating on our sidewalks are chaotic.
  • A 40% increase in violent crime & murder is chaotic.
  • 50% of murders in the United States going unsolved is chaotic.
  • 500 BLM riots in 5 months are chaotic.
  • Dividing the country along racial lines is chaotic.
  • 9% inflation is chaotic.
  • The Federal Reserve raising interest rates seven times in one year is chaotic.
  • Carrying a $1 trillion deficit year after year is chaotic.
  • $31.5 trillion of debt is chaotic.
  • Being dependent on foreign dictators for our energy is chaotic.
  • The government willfully violating our First and Fourth Amendment rights is chaotic.
  • Spying on the opposition party is chaotic.
  • Weaponizing intelligence agencies against political opponents is chaotic.
  • Politically motivated investigations and impeachments are chaotic.
  • Arresting and indicting the leading presidential candidate is chaotic.
  • Unsecure elections are chaotic.
  • The president’s family receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals in exchange for influence on our foreign policy is chaotic.
  • Apologizing to the Chinese for mistakenly calling their spy balloon a spy balloon is chaotic.
  • Showing weakness, frailty, and incompetence on the world stage which emboldens our enemies is chaotic.
  • Putting America last is chaotic.

I’m on board for eliminating the chaos in this country, but as Garrett opines, “We’re kidding ourselves if we think that just by removing Trump from the political landscape, all the chaos in our country will magically disappear.”   Nonetheless, if you think about it, there was a lot less chaos in our country and around the world when Trump was in the Oval Office as compared to the presidencies of Obama and Biden.

In 2008, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America.  And it can be argued that the chaos we are experiencing today is that promise coming to fruition.  As I’ve written before, when the history of America is written by future historians the three presidents, they will focus on as the most influential will be, Washington, Lincoln, and Obama.

Perhaps that’s why the trans movement is so important to the left, because as Garrett wrote, “It is the ultimate chaos because it is forcing us to disregard order and accept confusion.  The gender binary is a fundamental truth.  There would be no humanity if not for the gender binary, and the trans-movement is fully intent on destroying that fundamental truth, and with it, all fundamental truths, so they can usher in complete chaos, the type of chaos that the Democrats rely on.”

At the same time, Bill O’Reilly also sees the chaos and opines that the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world has created absolute chaos in America.  “For seven years the FBI, committed illegal acts like using false information to secure FISA wiretaps aimed at the Trump organization.” Yet no FBI official has ever been charged with a crime much less investigated, begging the question, why aren’t Americans howling about it?

I wish I could answer that question; but I can’t, so perhaps as long as Donald Trump is cast as the villain and remains on the front page, trifling matters such as a crooked president and his reprobate son cashing in on millions from foreign governments will be ignored.

Quote of the day: “America is a country which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but won’t cross the street to vote.” – Unknown