I was re-reading an old piece from Thomas Sowell and decided the timing was ideal for this blog.  We all remember Hope & Change.  But to this day I haven’t heart anyone explain what Obama’s bumper-sticker message actually meant, or if those who rhapsodized over it ever stopped to consider that a blank check for change might contain enormous risks?

Embracing change for change’s sake is beyond naïve; history is replete with those who embraced sweeping changes only to find those changes had devastating consequences.  The czars in Russia, the shah of Iran, the Batista regime in Cuba were all despotic governments that look benevolent when compared to Stalin, the Ayatollahs and the Castro brothers that replaced them.

The United States has made economic, social, and political changes throughout its history.  But those changes were made primarily with the benefit of its citizens in mind, e.g., the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and are the antithesis of the mindless “change” mantra of 2008.

Meanwhile, most Americans take our values, traditions, and institutions for granted without realizing that many aspects of the way of life we hold so dear are under siege.  The attacks come from our schools and universities, the movies, in literature, and from the media in general.  Recall, on the day he was elected, the beguiled cheered when Obama told the world, “Fundamental change is coming to America.”  So, allow me to ask, why would anyone want to “fundamentally change” a system of government that has provided more freedom, more opportunity, and more prosperity to more people than any government in history?

~  We are Now Experiencing the Obama Agenda ~

At the direction of Susan Rice, Obama’s hand-picked director of Biden’s Domestic Policy Council we now have an open border, exorbitant gas prices, rising crime rates, the infusion of fentanyl into the country, inflation, product shortages, green deceit, gender identity instead of the three Rs being taught in school, and an alphabet of politicized governmental agencies, i.e., the FBI, the DOJ and the CDC.

Meanwhile, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s #1 confidant, was Joe Biden’s transition and policy advisor.  And since accepting her counsel, the United States shamefully withdrew from Afghanistan, blind-siding our allies while breaking every promise we made to the Afghan people, especially young women, and girls.  Consequently, we’ve lost the trust and respect our allies and our adversaries don’t appear to fear or respect as they once did.  If you doubt that last statement, ask yourself, “During the previous administration did Russia invade anywhere, did China conduct missile drills in the Straits of Taiwan, or did Iran attempt assassinations on American soil as it did recently with Salman Rushdie?”

Joe Biden isn’t smart enough to have orchestrated the policies currently tearing our nation apart.  However, he is eminently malleable and his decision to use Obamaesque policies, such as equity & diversity instead of experience & competency as a criterion for filling his cabinet has resulted in a supply chain crisis, an airline industry in disarray a two-tiered justice system and a press secretary who continually must tell us what the President’s words really meant.

America has not prospered under Joe Biden, and if you’re wondering where I’m going with this blog, allow me to ask—have you ever wondered how or why the United States remains the world’s primary migrant destination, or why we haven’t experienced the poverty & squalor of the Third World?  What makes us so lucky, and why have we been spared the ravages of what we see in places like Yemen, Ethiopia, and Haiti?

As social theorist Thomas Sowell explains, nothing is easier than taking for granted what we already have and what we’re used to.  It’s understandable then, that we look at life as it is here, replete with McDonalds, cable TV, and Sunday Night Football we view it as the natural way of things, requiring no explanation.

So, when Kamala Harris was sent on a fool’s errand to Central America looking for the “root causes” of the crime and poverty, she represented an administration so befuddled and naive that it fails to grasp the concept that people leading productive lives and the rule of law don’t just happen.  Did she not realize what we have in America is the exception, not the rule?

As our politics have become coarser and even more unseemly, the culture war has accelerated.  From the specious deception of climate change where the West is committing economic suicide, to the trans ‘debate,’ that in defiance of science, woke ideology insists someone born with an X and Y chromosome should have equal footing with those born with two X chromosomes in the athletic arena.

And in your wildest dreams could you imagine the highly respected former Democrat Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, ripping up Ronald Reagan’s State of the Union address in front of the entire world, or any Republican Senate Leader in recent memory berating Supreme Court Justices from the steps of the Capitol, telling them they “will reap the whirlwind” as Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer i.e., the Democrat Party leadership respectively did?

America is in trouble folks, and the sad reality is that Hope & Change has become the real threat to our democracy, not the Capitol riots of January 6th.

Thought for the day:  In America, an individual’s ideology is determined largely by where they get their news.

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