As a photographer I know “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but so do statistics when they’re unaltered and come from the US Census Bureau and the FBI.  So allow me to ask, what do the following statistics tell us about the state of race, crime, success and personal responsibility in America?

Asian White Hispanic Black
Median Household Income $98,000 $76,000 $56,000 $45,000
Public High School Graduation Rate 92% 89% 81% 74%
Total Avg SAT scores 1223 1123 990 946
College Degrees 50% 30% 11% 17%
Advanced Degrees 21% 14% 5% 8%
Children raised in two-parent homes 84% 76% 58% 34%
Unwed mothers at birth of child 12% 28% 52% 70%
% of the population 6% 60% 18% 14%
% of Homicides committed 3% 41% White &Hispanic combined 53%
% of violent crimes committed 1% 58% White &Hispanic combined 37%
% of Robberies committed Unable to find specific demographic data 60%
Year 2015 2016 2017″ 2018″
# of individuals shot by police* 995 963 987 998
*Approx 25% of those shot by police are black

Author’s Note – the above statistics are verified -there was conflicting information, e.g.,% of White and Hispanic homicides had to be combined, as did the % of violent crimes.  Additionally, I was unable to confirm specific demographic data for robberies in the Asian, white and Hispanic categories

Thought for the day:  How ridiculous the Cops need more training when it’s parents who’ve had 18 years to train their children not to steal, shoot, stab, burn down buildings, flip cars, stop traffic, and attack innocent bystanders.  The police haven’t failed us, parents have failed to teach their children.  And btw, if black lives mattered to black people the weekly crime statistics in places like Chicago would be quite different.

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