Many Americans like me fear we are losing the country we grew up in and had hoped or perhaps even assumed that we would pass on to our children, who would in turn pass it on to their children and grandchildren.  And there is no better illustration of just how we’re losing this nation than the recent mid-term elections.

Regardless of where one stands politically the recent mid-terms should be cause for concern.  While more than 120 million votes were cast, 250 million voters were eligible.  So, even with 70% of voters saying they are unhappy with the state of the nation, with an unpopular President in the White House, 8% inflation, falling real incomes, rising crime, and chaos at the border, more than half the voters obviously didn’t care.

It wasn’t just the low turnout that should concern us, but rather that we should find it both amazing and troubling that by and large most of America voted against their own self-interest.  For example, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have poured into Arizona, yet the voters chose to keep democrat Mark Kelly in the senate for six more years – and Kelly is a man who has rubber stamped everything Joe Biden wanted him to, and who knows Biden is never going to do anything about the border.  This makes absolutely no sense.

In New York, republican Lee Zeldin won 90% of New York counties but lost the election because blacks in New York’s five Burroughs voted 9 to 1 in favor of Hochul.  Drugs gangs run those neighborhoods, subways are not safe, the murder rate is skyrocketing, smash & grabs are commonplace, old people cannot walk the streets, everyone knows you can’t go out after dark, and Kathy Hochul, a woman who could not care less was kept in office by straight ticket voting African Americans. Again, why would these people vote against their own self-interests?

Apparently it makes no difference to the blacks in New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C. or Chicago, that the people who suffer most from crime and squalid living conditions are black, nonetheless black America continues to re-elect politicians who “could not care less” about their well-being, and this should frighten all of us.

Oz lost in Pennsylvania for some of the same reasons, Blacks in Philadelphia turned out for Fetterman—I wonder how many even knew who Fetterman was.   As Bill O’Reilly wrote recently, “Ocasio-Cortez gets 71% of the vote in a district that’s been a shambles for 50 years.  She has been in Congress for four years and has done nothing to improve her district at all – even worse she won’t do anything moving forward.  Yet the people there, living in some of the most horrendous conditions in America, say, ‘yeah, we want more, let’s vote for more of that.” So, how can you not concur with O’Reilly, I mean it really is incomprehensible!

But you have to hand it to the democrats, they successfully parlayed the terms election deniers, saving our democracy and January 6th to turn back what should have been a red wave into pink trickle.

That so many people cast their votes predicated on an irrational hatred of Donald Trump instead of an evaluation of how Joe Biden is slowly dismantling this nation, is something I will never understand.  And even if we survive Biden’s reckless economic policies and potentially fatal foreign policies, the gullibility of the hate-filled voters who bought into the bumpersticker statement, ‘saving our democracy’ nonsense remain entrenched.

It’s always difficult to wrap words around feelings and I’m still struggling to get a handle on exactly how I feel about this past election.   Disappointed?  Absolutely!  Disillusioned?  Yes, that too.  But let’s call a spade a spade here, the Democrats were hapless and helpless on policy, and it begs one to suspend disbelief that their election denier thing, abortion and saving our democracy overshadowed inflation, violent crime, and border chaos in the minds of millions of voters, but it did and that is truly frightening!

I don’t know where this country goes from here.  My long-time friend Matt opined that with control of the House, the republicans can stop the bleeding; but stopping the bleeding is not redressing the damage Joe Biden is doing to this country or changing the attitudes of those who literally are tearing this nation apart.

The day after the election I told my wife Bobbi I was considering shutting down the blog, I said to her, “What’s the point?”  I try to be logical, factual, and rational, but obviously my words have little effect.  Not that I expected a minor blog emanating from Edwards, Colorado to change the dynamics of the body politic, but I honestly thought more people would understand what’s going on in this country.

But I guess I figured wrong.  So, for now, I’ll add another word to describe my feelings – disgusted!  Disgusted that more than 50% of America simply didn’t care how this country is deteriorating before their very eyes and chose to do nothing to rectify it.

Quote of the day: “In a sense, the political left’s attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy.” – Thomas Sowell

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