Recently Wilfred Reilly wrote a sterling piece in National Review detailing the results of the Black Lives Matter movement where he details how Black Lives Matter arrived on the national scene in 2014 with a clear two-part message that was contained on its website; “That a near-genocidal campaign is being waged against black Americans, and virtually all contemporary problems in the black community are the fault of white people.”  But the problem with the ever-changing, politically sensitive BLM website is that it IS ever-changing and the message it delivers in February may not be the same message it delivers in March.

BLM’s website once proclaimed, “re-payment to Blacks of all wealth ever extracted from a majority-Black community” by of “racism, slavery, food apartheid, housing discrimination . . . and capitalism.”  Meanwhile, one of their spokesmen commented on national T.V. that “a totally innocent, presumably unarmed black person is “murdered” (his words) roughly once per day,” compelling me to ask, do lefties sit in their basements at night just making this stuff up? Such ‘disinformation’ certainly didn’t come from the FBI or any other authority.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program (,The%20increase%20of%20murders%20constitutes%20a%204.3%25%20increase.) murders in the United States have increased from 14,164 in 2014 the year BLM began to grow nationally to nearly 23,000 just seven years later in 2021, begging the question of why?

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund found a direct and a statistically significant correlation between declines in the kind of proactive policing hated by BLM and surges in black-on-black homicide.  In cities across the country as arrests of criminal suspects decreased, murders increased.  In my hometown of Chicago (where one would think things could hardly get any worse) arrests declined by 53 %, with a corresponding increase in homicides of 65%.  New York had similar numbers; arrests dropped by 38% and homicides increased by 58%.

If you doubt these statistics, as Yogi Berra once said, “Look it up!” using the link above, you’ll see that in cities across America, from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, as arrests go down, homicides go up.

At the same time, the Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime Victimization Survey, which is widely considered the gold standard of American crime data found that while the violent victimization rate increased from 19.0 to 24.5 victimizations per 1,000 persons in urban areas, it remained unchanged in suburban and rural areas.  The survey also revealed that felony property crime did not increase across this set of years, nor did white-on-black or black-on-white crime – these increases occurred almost exclusively among the black community, begging the question, what has Black Lives Matters done to ameliorate the carnage that’s taking place in black communities across America?

The reality is that the Black Lives Matter movement done more to harm blacks than whatever help it was supposed to deliver.  People must also understand that BLM isn’t headed by a Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.; BLM is a political organization with a leftist anti-American political agenda—a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Not ironically, in 2021, a University of Massachusetts study found that the mostly large democrat run cities that gave up on enforcing the law and attempted to mollify the demands of the rioters, had huge increases in murders.

It should be apparent the most significant legacy of BLM, according to the FBI’s statistics, is the black homicide rate increased by roughly 50% in just the two and half years since George Floyd’s death.  So, allow me to ask rhetorically, is this increase likely due to systemic racism, genetics or could it have something to do with the defunding the police movement?  The first page of the BLM website reads (at least this week anyway) “We know the police don’t keep us safe.” So, the question we should all be asking is, has the BLM movement improved the lives of everyday black Americans?

It should be apparent that the left’s obsession with race and racism is a cancer and the administration’s diversity, equity and inclusion policies are little more than manifestations of that cancer.

Economics lies at the heart of most problems in the U.S., and economically speaking blacks don’t fare as well as other groups in the United States.  But  we need to determine if that’s due to systemic racism or could other factors play a role?  Perhaps if the BLM movement posted this simple message on its website the Marxist organization could actually help the black community, to wit:

  1. Take any job and work until you get a better one
  2. Wait until marriage to have children
  3. Avoid getting convicted of a felony, and
  4. Graduate from high school

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a bumper sticker slogan the Biden administration has made into public policy; unfortunately, it helps no one, while further dividing Americans.  It’s little more than a palliative to make to make liberals feel good, but it doesn’t help black people.  The Democrat Party in concert with the BLM movement has focused more on race than any political organization since the fascists of 1930’s Europe, which should compel us to ask, exactly how much good has it done?

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