• Why is it that you’ll never see a barfight between two guys drinking Chardonnay?
  • What people want most from government is to live their lives with a degree of comfort, a feeling of security, and the belief they can trust the government to function in a reasonable fashion.
  • Meanwhile, Americans may think our elections are brutal, but consider the Middle East, where for example a Palestinian candidate who endorses making a lasting peace with Israel, would be murdered by terrorists long before election day.  So, given that reality, how likely do you think it is that such a candidate would even consider running for office?
  • Throughout recorded history people have possessed different values, different priorities, and different understandings of the world around us.  And the fact that we see the world differently from one another has caused us to construct tribes based on who looks like us, who prays to the same gods as we do and who shares our moral code.  So perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised at the conflicts we see around us.
  • Here’s a fact few people consider when discussing government programs; any law, program or policy enacted by 535 members of Congress is never going to be simple.
  • The reason politicians do not argue logically is because they are far more concerned with opinions than data or information.
  • Conformity in science is anathema to progress.  True science is predicated on the notion that it’s always “open season” on ideas regardless of the source—in science, nothing is ever settled.
  • When climate alarmists want to avoid discussing specifics about climate, they always fall back on the consensus argument, i.e., “97% of all scientists say…” and ignore the fact that consensus about something by itself, gives us no clue whether the claim is correct or not.  What many do not understand is consensus is not a valid scientific term, it’s a social and political term having to do with agreement on policy or procedures. Perhaps Einstein said it best after his Theory of Relativity was refuted in a book titled One Hundred Authors Against Einstein; when he responded, “If I were wrong, then one author should have been enough.”
  • It’s been said that the greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
  • Mankind knew more about the moon before Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface than Christopher Columbus knew about the New World before he set sail – so how do you spell courage?
  • Currently the earth has roughly 8,700,000 million species of living organisms; meanwhile 99.9% of every living organism that’s ever existed on planet earth is now extinct.
  • For those who think a dishonest media is simply annoying, think about this; Aryan Germans of the 1930s weren’t born thinking they were a master race – they had to be indoctrinated by an efficient and lubricated political machine that controlled the media.  And by 1939 millions of Germans were ready to die for this idea, which they did – along with 70 million other people.
  • Jerry Seinfeld proffered the notion that if aliens landed on planet earth and saw people walking behind their dogs picking up after them with little “green” baggies who might they surmise is really in charge?
  • Why is it that sunsets are mesmerizing even though we get a new one every day?
  • In 1896 Scottish meteorologist, Ralph Abercromby created a taxonomy of clouds and documented the various types seeding the number nine slot to cumulonimbus clouds.  Meanwhile, we know that of all cloud types, it’s the cumulonimbus that reach highest into the atmosphere, so it shouldn’t surprise us that’s where the term being on “cloud 9” originated.
  • The two simplest equations in science are also its most profound – Einstein’s E = mc2 and Sir Isaac Newton’s lesser-known Second Law of Motion, F = ma, where F = Force, M = Mass and A = Acceleration; these two simple equations underpin all motion in the universe.
  • Our cave-dwelling ancestors drank clean water, breathed fresh air, and ate only organically grown foods & free-range animals yet they had an average lifespan of a little more than 30 years – so what’s the fuss about GMO foods?
  • A ten-gallon cowboy hat can only hold three quarts of water—go figure!
  • The sun is much larger than the moon, in fact 65,000,000 million moons could fit inside the sun.   However, when viewed from earth the relative size of the two celestial bodies are almost identical.  And the reason is somewhat serendipitous, i.e., while the sun is 400 times farther from earth than is the moon, by an amazing astronomical coincidence, the sun is also 400 times wider than the moon, which means that planet earth is the only place in the solar system where we can see a “total” eclipse of the sun with only its spectacular corona visible.
  • Whenever we argue about something there are only three possible outcomes – I’m right and you’r wrong or you’re right and I’m wrong or we’re both wrong.  So, in those cases who decides? Actually no one, and arguing more loudly, strenuously, or articulately than your opponent proves nothing – true resolution occurs when more or better data becomes available – and that includes the climate change debate.
  • And lastly, there are few things I know for sure, but this much is certain, regardless of whether or not Paul Pelosi was playing hide-the-hammer with the ‘intruder,’ who entered his home, we will NEVER know the real story.

    Quote of the day: “He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”–Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe


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