Today I thought I’d do something a bit different and have some fun.  See the list below, it’s a list of things each of us has, i.e., ‘personal needs.’  Personal needs are important in life for our own sanity and in many cases for the sanity of others.

For example, if your personal needs don’t align with those of your workplace, you’re not going to be a happy or fulfilled employee; the same hold true, if your personal needs don’t align with those of your spouse.

So just for fun, take a pen and paper and list the seven (7) most important personal needs you have and then ask your significant other to list what he or she thinks your seven (7) greatest personal need are.  Then, turnabout is fair play, so ask you significant other to write down their seven (7) greatest personal needs and you do the same for you think your SO’s most important personal needs are.

Have fun…

  1. Personal time – time to do your own thing. Pursue a hobby, read, shop, fish, ski, whatever
  2. Sleep – you day does not go right unless you get a certain amount of sleep
  3. Recognition – from work, family or community
  4. Order & closure – dislike open-ended situation, tasks, affairs, projects or goals
  5. Approval and acceptance – from family, coworkers or friends
  6. Territory – an area of physical space that is your own
  7. Having a project – being creatively involved with ideas
  8. Touching – physical contact with others
  9. Time alone – a daily time for reflection and thought while alone
  10. Learning something – new acquiring information that’s stimulating and exciting
  11. Anticipation – looking forward to something such as taking trips
  12. Financial Security – income and outgo must me in balance
  13. Variety of experience – need for something new and different
  14. Structured time – schedule on routine are important
  15. Empathy – need for people important to you to understand what you are feeling
  16. One-on-one attention – need for relationships to be one on one
  17. Humor – need to laugh
  18. Movement – a daily need for walking sports or exercise
  19. Competition with self, others, sports
  20. The need to give and do for others – family, community, church
  21. Being with people – high need for relationships
  22. Unstructured time – do not like structure and routine
  23. Group relationships – need for interaction with groups rather than one person
  24. Listening to music – through mechanical means or playing an instrument
  25. Spirituality – pursue beliefs through meditation or fellowship with other individuals

Thought for the day:  When liberals talk about the need for diversity, what they really mean is being open to and accepting of the ideas, viewpoints, and opinions from a diverse group of people – when a conservatives talk about diversity, what they mean is being open to and accepting of a diversity of ideas, viewpoints, and opinions.  There is a difference!

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