In yesterday’s blog I wrote about how an enfeebled president’s decisions resulted in hundreds of millions of Eastern Europeans living under the yoke of communism for nearly 50 years.  The message was clear: when you are the leader of the free world, your decisions affect millions of lives.  Now I don’t know what Mr. Biden’s mental state is but I’ve seen addled seniors, and while very sad, these folks must be taken care of and shouldn’t head up the most powerful nation on earth.  While I do not have a crystal ball, if Mr. Biden is elected I strongly expect the Iranians to get friskier, Kim Jung Il to become more belligerent and Xi Jinping to opt out any trade deals made with President Trump.  So hate Trump if you will, but beware of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and keep in mind, the president has kept the Mullahs, Kim, Xi and Putin in check these last four years and it would benefit all of us if that continued.

As a friend of mine recently said to me.  Can you name any piece of legislation, any program that benefited America and Americans coming from Joe Biden?  What exactly has he done during the 40 plus years he’s been in Washington? And specifically, what is his platform moving forward?

President Obama’s Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, opined, “Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” a statement that’s hard to argue with.  The former VP voted in favor of the Iraq War, he proposed partitioning Iraq along sectarian lines, and what a nightmare that would have been, he called the Libyan fiasco a success and when asked his opinion about whether or not to proceed with the Osama bin Laden raid, the former VP said, “Mr. President, don’t go!”  And of course we have his son Hunter’s embarrassing business dealings in Ukraine and China.  Then in an act of unbelievable political hubris or stupidity, revealed the names of the men who participated in that raid.

Meanwhile, since the 2016 election, ISIS has been crushed; its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the world’s #1 terrorist, Iranian mastermind, Qassim Soleimani have been eliminated; NATO increased its defense expenditures, North Korea hasn’t tested a nuclear device; sanctions have been increased on Russia and Iran, a 55-nation U.S./Arab/Muslim coalition to fight terrorism was established and we consummated international trade deals with our four largest trading partners, Canada, Mexico, China and Japan, all while becoming energy independent and free from energy blackmail by Middle Eastern sheiks.

Seasoned observers of the international scene have repeatedly expressed concerns that one of Mr. Biden’s famous gaffes or lapses could prove disastrous should it occur while negotiating with Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin.  While the former VP is an affable and avuncular figure, if Americans are truly honest with themselves they have to admit Mr. Biden’s best days are behind him; and at 76-years of age, there’s a reason the former VP continually invites new rounds of scrutiny over his mental agility.

Thought for the day:  How is that friends, acquaintances and relatives who I have never heard utter a single word about policing or race in 30 years are suddenly in support of a movement founded by trained Marxists?

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