According to the World Economic Forum there are five (5) stages of development for a new vaccine, which usually takes 10 years or more to complete.

1) Discovery/Research – 2-5 years;

2) The Pre-Clinical Stage – 2 years;

3) The Clinical Development, Phase I – 1-2 years;

4) The Clinical Development Phase II – 2-3 years and

5) The Clinical Development Phase III – 2-4 years.

We know too that the healthcare systems of Western Europe, Canada and even Cuba are far superior to ours because the media and left have repeatedly told us so.  Meanwhile, I have no medical or immunology training.  My experience is limited to the insurance industry, flying helicopters in the Marine Corps and playing a bit of second base for my old softball team; so it would be interesting if someone would explain to me how a second-rate healthcare system and a self aggrandizing inward focused president managed to orchestrate the development of not one, but two vaccines to combat this once in a lifetime virus in 10 months, rather than 10 years.

Bueller? Bueller?  Anyone?

Quote of the day: “There is no substitute for a fact.  When the facts are known, reasonable men do not disagree with respect to them.”—Harry Truman

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