Whether anyone realized it or not, there was a real “tell” in Vice President Kamala Harris’ comment about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.   The VP opined “My impression about the (Rittenhouse) verdict is that the verdict really speaks for itself.  As many of you know I’ve spent most of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable and clearly there’s a lot more work to do.”

Most simply saw the abject hypocrisy of decrying the Rittenhouse verdict while never having uttered a sound about the fact that there were no consequences for the rioters who killed 27, injured more than 2,000 cops and caused $2 Billion in property damage during the summer of 2020.

Others noted the glaring failure of leadership displayed by a sitting Vice President for openly criticizing the Constitutional process that acquitted Rittenhouse simply because her ideology disagreed with the outcome.  But neither of those instances are what I’m referring to; rather, it was the words “…I’ve spent most of my career working to the make the criminal justice system more equitable…” a phrase that speaks volumes about the liberal mindset.  To wit, why is that liberals will always tell you what they’ve been ‘doing’ or what they ‘plan to do’ but never reveal what they’ve actually accomplished?  It’s if “doing or planning” and “accomplishing” are one and the same—which they’re not!

Listen carefully to the president or his press secretary – when they speak it’s always about how good things are going to be, never any specifics about how they’ve made life better for the average American.  During the presidential campaign we heard the cacophony about how horribly Donald Trump was handling the virus, with the constant litany about the number of deaths and how it was “going to be better” under a Biden-Harris administration.  But now that more people have died from COVID on Biden’s watch than on Trump’s, suddenly those statistics don’t seem matter.

Ah yes, the liberal mindset is a most interesting phenomenon.

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