The greatest threat to this country does not come from China or Russia or North Korea – it comes from the lack of responsible citizenship.  Citizenship can be defined as the relationship between the individual and a state to which the individual owes allegiance, and in turn is entitled to the protections, citizenship implies.

Citizens have rights that are denied or only partially extended to aliens and other non-citizens residing in a country, which is as it should be.  The right to vote and to hold public office are just two of the rights that are necessarily predicated on citizenship.  At the same time, citizenship also comes with responsibilities such as allegiance, taxation, and military service.  And citizenship should be granted only to those who throw off their allegiance to their former nation and society and pledge their allegiance to the United States.

Citizenship is the most privileged form of nationality.   And its ultimate purpose is to organize people around common values, belief systems, and the principles that form the dominant culture, i.e., the American culture.

Yet today, the Democrat Party is overseeing the greatest degradation of immigration law in American history.  It is absolute insanity to allow mass immigration into this country by people without regard for who these people are and whether they’re willing or even capable of assimilating into American society.  Yet it continues for one reason – the democrats know they cannot win votes predicated on their policies or ideas because the failure of their policies is on display for all the world to see.

So, instead of trying to improve the quality of life for American citizens though creativity & innovation, they have decided to allow as many unauthorized people as possible to enter the United States across our southern border as possible.   And they’re doing this for one reason, they want to change the demographics of the country because Hispanics, which make up the vast majority of those crossing the southern border, vote for democrats 70% of the time.

Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that ‘an autopsy’ of history reveals that all great nations sooner or later commit suicide.   And no society, not even ours, can withstand the mass migration of aliens from every corner of the earth and hope to preserve its territorial integrity, culture, language, mores, traditions, and customs.

Entry into the United States should be granted only by the consent of the American people and not by the demands of aliens, which in effect is what is occurring at our southern border.  The Left can virtue signal and tell us the purposes of immigration are humanitarian and to make America more “diverse,” (read – conversant with leftist ideology) with no mention that the goal of immigration should be to ensure the citizens of the host nation citizens are the beneficiaries of immigration policies.

So, just who has benefited from those 8 million illegals who have crossed into this country since Joe Biden was elected?  It’s certainly not the American taxpayers who are being forced to subsidize these people, who in many (dare I say most cases), have no idea of who Jefferson, Adams and Madison were, much less what their vision for America was or what classic liberalism is.

We should welcome immigrants from as many nations and religions as possible, however common-sense dictates that the numbers and kinds of immigrants be limited predicated on two criteria, first, the needs of the country and secondly, the qualities of character required for democratic citizenship.

The purpose of immigration is to benefit the American people and the nation at large; therefore, it only makes sense that immigration be predicated upon skills, employment history, and education credentials.  There is no question that there are millions “yearning to be free,” but at the same time, when we open our borders we open ourselves to those who are “yearning to get free stuff.”

History is the best teacher because it reflects the realities of human nature, and history has shown repeatedly that small ethnic communities enrich a culture, but large ones will ruin it.   Since Biden opened to gates to America far too many Americans have come to believe that mass immigration is just a normal part of human life; that it cannot be controlled; that almost all immigration is beneficial; and lastly, that immigration is a right not a privilege and that we, the tax-paying public has no right to choose who can live amongst us.

Together, these assumptions take the politically fashionable and emotionally comfortable route of focusing almost exclusively on the immigrants when they should be focused on the needs and desires of American citizens.

Right now, we are the only nation on earth with an open border, but most Americans are too focused on who Taylor Swift is dating to see that changing the demographics of our once great nation is unequivocally the greatest danger facing these United States, because once that happens, there will be no going back.

Quote of the day –Children internalize their parents’ unhappiness.  Fortunately, they absorb our contentment just as readily.” – Lucille Ball

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