YipitData data research notes that Netflix lost 8 times its usual number of subscribers following a backlash for streaming the controversial film Cuties.  If you haven’t heard of Cuties, Google it and prepare to be disgusted.

At the same time, Barack and Michelle Obama’s ties to Netflix run very deep having inked a $50 million deal with the company last year making it safe to say the Obamas have a bit of influence there.  Consider, Obama confidant and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice sits on the Netflix board of directors while one of its co-CEOs, Ted Sarandos was a prominent fundraiser for Obama and whose wife served as his ambassador to the Bahamas.

During one of the movie’s dance routines, a movie replete with close-in crotch shots, an eleven-year old girl lifts her top and exposes her bare breasts.  Now, I’m not an attorney nor am I familiar with child pornography law, but I suspect if you had on your computer what Netflix was streaming, you could be arrested for possessing child porn.

To be clear, the Obamas have no moral obligation regarding what Netflix choses to stream or air.   Nonetheless, one would think a couple that presents themselves as models of moral rectitude, and who have enormous influence might express a bit of dismay on matter.  But their silence has been deafening; and could you image how the media would react if it were the Trumps instead of the Obamas?