• When a black person uses the term ‘white privilege’ what they are really saying is, that as a white person my perspective on the subject is less valuable because I have not experienced what blacks have experienced. Meanwhile, when white people use the term, its usually little more than virtue signaling.   Racial issues are important and should be discussed in an open and honest manner in the public square, but I strongly suspect that 95% of the time when people use the term, it’s used it as a cudgel rather than an attempt to open a reasoned discussion.
  • Last week, Florida passed House Bill 1557, a bill dubbed by a dishonest media as the “Don’t say gay bill.” But the problem with the media’s labelling is that the bill leaves out one very important word—gay!  There isn’t a single thing about the word “gay.”  What the seven-page bill does do however is prohibit instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade.  The governor and the Florida legislature feel that such sensitive subjects are more appropriately addressed by parents than the state.  Consequently, any person or organization purposely using this ‘bumper-sticker mentality’ misnomer is either ignorant of the facts, a dishonest ideologue, or both.
  • And speaking of parents, I think it was Bill O’Reilly who said, “…parenting is the primary cause of “income inequality” in America.  The left, including liberal educators, media, and politicians will never admit that, but it’s absolutely true.”
  • Ancillary to the aforementioned; income inequality will get worse in this country because parenting is getting worse.  That is the cold truth that will never be admitted by the left.  No political system can nurture individuals so they can achieve success if the basics of personal responsibility and education are absent—and that must come from parents.
  • School activists employ an array of new words and phrases to describe their beliefs and goals. If you hear many of these phrases and can’t figure out what they mean, that’s because it’s by design. This vocabulary is intended to mislead – to make harmful and extreme ideas sound admirable and to conceal meaning through ambiguity…and ‘antiracism’ is one such word because it is incredibly destructive to our schools and communities. Its goal is to separate people into racial identity groups and then encourage feelings of shame, guilt, anger, and resentment toward the other groups. It divides our kids and our society into good people and bad people.
  • Taking this concept, a step further, the term “Antiracism” is quite Orwellian because its meaning is the exact opposite of how it sounds and should never be confused with anti-racism, or opposition to discriminating against people based on their race. Everyone should be opposed to racism.  However, to be an “antiracist” you must agree that our society, in every aspect, is racist and that the remedy is to embrace sweeping new forms of racial discrimination.
  • It’s generally accepted that raising taxes on the rich would do little to reduce deficits, close funding gaps, or help the economy. When asked about the potential negatives of raising taxes on anyone, the left usually just answers that the matter is about “fairness.”  Then what follows are lies about how the wealthy pay less than fast food workers or secretaries. Yet they never seem to mention that 52% of all Americans paid nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nada, in federal income taxes in 2021.
  • Putin’s price hike—really! Let’s look at several undeniable facts.  In 2019 and 2020, America became energy-independent for the first time since the mid-1950s. Our economy was growing and unemployment rates were the lowest in more than 50 years.  Then on the 20th of January 2021, this was abruptly reversed with the stroke of Biden’s pen with executive order 13807 followed by EOs 13990, 14008, and 14030, which incomprehensibly made America energy-dependent once again, and the prime cause of our current runaway inflation.  So, in desperation Biden begged our enemies Iran, Russia, and Venezuela to pump more oil on our behalf.  Are these the actions of a rational administration when we have enough oil in the ground to supply most of the civilized world?
  • If the climate activists actually believed that climate change was a danger to humanity’s existence, they wouldn’t act the way they do, i.e., John Kerry who jets around the world in his private jet warning about Armageddon; the same with the elites who engage in COVID scaremongering, who if they honestly believed what they tell us common folk, wouldn’t participate in parties with hundreds of their closest friends, such as Barack Obama’s maskless 60th birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard.
  • “Decisions regarding Twitter’s future governance will undoubtedly be consequential for public discourse in the United States,”read the April 22nd  letter the House Judicial Committee’s republicans sent to the Twitter board asking them to preserve all correspondence related to Elon Musk’s proposed takeover.  This is a precursor to the investigations into Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe’s knowledge of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Kamala Harris’ malfeasance and failure to secure the southern border and Pete Buttigieg’s failure to redress the supply chain crisis, that are sure to follow when the republicans re-take control of the House of Representatives in January 2023.

    And finally, allow me to close this blog by asking two simple questions:

    • What’s better about American life since the Biden administration took over?
    • Name just one problem the Biden administration has solved since it assumed power nearly 18 months ago

Quote of the day: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” – Yogi Berra