The following is from the American Thinker – it’s spot on!

Allow me to suggest three cheat codes for separating truth from propaganda in the Age of Mass Media Manipulation:

(1) Whatever is censored is true.

(2) Refusal to audit elections is proof that vote totals are unverifiable and fraudulent.

(3) Any president who inexplicably disappears for days at a time and admits that he is “not allowed” to answer questions from the press is not actually president.

If you put (1), (2), and (3) together, you get an incompetent and schizophrenic government incapable of protecting its armed forces overseas, securing its borders at home, preventing runaway inflation from destroying the economy, or acting in the best interest of the American people.  What you get is a dazed and addled puppet pretending to be commander-in-chief while unelected and unaccountable shadow figures call the shots.  What you get is a praetorian press that has no problem lying about the fake president’s obvious dementia by framing his mental handicaps as nothing more than a “childhood stutter.”  You get American service members murdered and maimed at the tail end of a twenty-year war because the stooges in charge put optics and political correctness ahead of troop safety.  You get a world devoid of American leadership because an evil cabal of media monopolists, corrupt election officials, and Deep State politicos conspired to rid Washington of President Trump and put one of the dumbest and most venal members of the D.C. Club into the Oval Office to do its bidding.  What you get is a ruling class with blood on its hands.

Is there anybody who doesn’t understand at this point that the news media and permanent government occupying D.C. have joined hands to run psychological operations against the American people?  When Obama’s director of the CIA, John Brennan, spends years on television pushing a demonstrably false Russia collusion hoax created out of thin air by Hillary’s political network and used by Obama’s administration to spy on the Trump campaign (and nobody goes to prison), is there any question that the U.S. government is engaging in domestic information warfare to manipulate American sentiment?  When the Russia hoax (perpetrated by two former directors of the FBI; the CIA; Obama’s director of National Intelligence, James Clapper; and both Republicans and Democrats on the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence, among many other players) was finally exposed as a classic disinformation maneuver meant to hurt President Trump, did the mainstream media take a moment to acknowledge that high-ranking members of the Intelligence Community had attempted to take down a sitting president?

Of course not.  Accomplices don’t ask questions; they hide motives.  They just moved right on to a fake “quid pro quo” impeachment cynically used to damage President Trump during an election year while covering up the Biden family’s financial corruption in Ukraine and China.  When that had little effect on the president’s approval polls in the spring of 2020, the press turned the China Virus into an electoral weapon for justifying the illegal imposition of mass mail-in balloting while terrifying millions of Americans into believing that their lives depended upon a Biden victory.

Military and intelligence officials with no honor whatsoever signed their names to a document falsely attributing as “Russian disinformation” the New York Post’s accurate reporting on a damning Hunter Biden laptop exposing the Biden family’s corruption and vulnerability to blackmail, and in another letter, military and intelligence officials claimed that only Joe Biden could return “character, principles, wisdom, and leadership” to the position of commander-in-chief.  It should not have taken Biden’s disastrous train wreck this month in Afghanistan to know that a man with a history of racism and sexual assault and an unnatural fixation with inappropriately touching children is not capable of acting honorably.  It should not have taken the Biden administration’s conscious destruction of America’s newly won energy independence and eagerness to jump back into bed with Iran’s terrorist-sponsoring regime to question whether his history of pay-for-play self-enrichment from foreign adversaries and his son’s history of unpunished criminality put the United States at risk.  Because the FBI and DOJ stayed mum about Hunter’s laptop and the press suppressed the story, nobody knows how the measly 40,000 votes that handed victory to Biden might have otherwise been cast.  In other words, the U.S. Intelligence Community actively engaged in disinformation and propaganda against the American people in order to affect a presidential election.  And they did so by spending years amping up tensions with Russia by falsely accusing our nuclear adversary of engaging in the exact information warfare our intel officials were conducting.  Only a press corps so thoroughly corrupted by partisan impulses as ours could sit back while the Deep State attempts to hang its own wrongdoing on a foreign power, with all the national security risks that entails, and conclude, “There’s nothing to see here; let’s all move along.”

How can a sitting president win over ten million more votes than his first election, beat his opponent in almost every traditional bellwether county across the country by double-digits, and still come up short of victory after four days of additional vote-counting in a handful of Democrat-run metropolitan counties in battleground states?  That’s such an obvious question that reporters should have jumped at the opportunity to scrutinize how a candidate who had hidden away in his basement for the entirety of the campaign had pulled off such a historic feat.  Instead, that question and any investigations toward finding answers were immediately censored by the same Big Tech social media companies and news conglomerates that actively pushed for Biden’s victory while they eagerly framed Trump voters as “insurrectionists” and “enemies of the state.”  Just as censorship of the Intelligence Community’s active war against the American people became the order of the day in American newsrooms, censorship of too many unanswered questions surrounding the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election became part of that same information war, too.

I don’t think D.C.’s despots are capable of processing information or learning in real-time.  They’re too busy preening and fluffing each other’s egos to stop and consider how reviled they are by the rest of the country.  For those outside of D.C., however, I challenge anybody to articulate a bigger threat to America today than the onslaught of government-sponsored disinformation, mass media manipulation, and censorship used to support the regime in the White House.  I challenge anybody to look at the crumbling of America around us and not see the Intelligence Community and its partners in the press as those most responsible for our mess.  When the government is committed to manipulating truth and the media are committed to censoring truth, neither stands for the American people.

There’s a biting meme online showing a picture of one of President Trump’s countless informal press conferences next to the now ubiquitous image of Biden’s back seen while he shuffles away from reporters’ questions.  The caption nails the distinction: “The truth does not mind being questioned.  It is lies that do not like to be challenged.”  I would add only this: the more our government and press attack Americans for challenging “official” lies, the more responsible they are for the damage those official lies bring.  Every disaster endured by Americans today because of the Biden regime’s mendacity and incompetence ultimately rests with those who first enabled the regime to come to power through lies of their own.

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