If you think the reasons for more chaos has ended, wait a few days. Senator Johnson is going to release a major report on Hunter Biden, and it will directly impact Joe.  It will be emails that show extensive corruption by the Biden family, and the emails are from the state department senior officer who testified before Congress and is non-partisan. It is an account of major conflicts -spelled corruption- about Biden. Graham will be releasing some new documents that show what was really happening at the FBI. That will be followed soon after with the Durham report which will come with indictments, and a scathing report on how the Dems and FBI tried to stage what amounted to a soft coup to remove Trump. Pelosi will try all sorts of ugly games to try to stop the SCOTUS  vote. The Dems claim Trump is a threat to democracy, and in the next breathe they say they will end the filibuster, and pack the court, eliminate the electoral college, and make DC a state to try to assure forever control.  The Dems have tried everything they can including the false dossier, fake impeachment, false threats to impeach Barr, Mueller with now wiped phones, and Adam Schiff lying.  They have fed to press constant lies and false leads, and have done anything they can to undermine the duly elected president. That is why we have elections in a democracy. The Dems now realize Trump will get to shape the court, and they are at risk of losing this election and they will use mail in votes to try to cheat. This election will make 2000 look easy. Our democracy is truly under attack from the left and Pelosi is the general and the bartender from the Bronx is the colonel in the field.. There will be so much happening up until the election it will be mass chaos and incredible fake news stories of all sorts. Then we will have the election and a massive effort by Dems, especially in PA, WI and NV to show up with late ballots as they try to claim a change in the outcome. All this while the confirmation hearings are happening. And while all this is happening, there will be new riots and protests over the SCOTUS confirmation. And now Nancy says there could be a new impeachment case. China and Putin must be thrilled.

It began with the phony dossier paid for by Hilary.  The false FISA warrants, Then Flynn is set up by the FBI to get him out of the White House because he has too good a network in intelligence areas. Then Mueller,  followed by the press being fed a stream of lies by Schiff and others. This was accompanied by trying to get rid of Kavanaugh. Then there was Vindeman and impeachment. Now it is an irrational attempt to stop a legitimate SCOTUS confirmation, and new impeachment threats against Trump and Barr. The Dems have said they plan to end the filibuster and pack the court, and attempt to pack the future votes by adding DC and Puerto Rico as states, which may be illegal under the constitution.  Add on the Dem control of big cities, and the rush to charge cops doing their job, but to not charge any rioters. The far left now has control of universities, and the press. Major steps for controlling the narrative and creating a grass roots force to take to the streets. The Dems have fed a race war starting with Obama and Holder in Ferguson, and by backing BLM, an avowedly Marxist group, and a refusal by mayors or governors to move against ANTIFA. Bernie campaigned on “we intend to transform America.” Do independent voters not understand that we are in the midst of an attempted takeover of the government by the far left headed by Pelosi. AOC and her squad are blatant anti-Semites, which goes along with the program, and which has lodged itself on campuses. They are also anti-religion. Shut places of worship, but open all sorts of other things.  I am rarely, if ever,  alarmist, but we are now in a real crisis for the country that must be stopped. I can’t wait for Durham and Ron Johnson to issue their reports. Biden is just the avatar they are using to front their efforts to mislead the big money donators that he is really moderate and that he will be a real president.  Harris let it out-“In a Harris administration….”. What is it these donors do not understand. They are the same people who donate millions to universities that do not allow free speech, just to get their kid admitted or their name on a building. It all just proves that you can fool a lot of the people some of the time.

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