In case you’re wondering, when Joe Biden appeared on the Joy Reid Show last week, TV’s latest talk show host asked Mr. Biden what he would do differently regarding the Corona virus.  The former VP went on to list six items that he would do differently, to wit:.

  1. He said he would incorporate the Defense Production Act, which is interesting because on March 27thPresident Trump invoked the Act to force General Motors to produce more ventilators.
  2. Biden also said, “We need more testing” but as of July 23rd the US has had more than 51 millions tests including 700,000 on the day Biden made that statement so I’m not sure what Mr. Biden meant by “more testing”
  3. The former VP also talked about the necessity of wearing masks.  Perhaps he forgot that on April 3rd the CDC and the White House made a joint statement recommending the wearing of masks.
  4. Biden also went on to say that we need to help small businesses, but once again, perhaps he forgot that on March 27th via the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security)  $660 billion was authorized in mostly forgivable loans to small businesses.
  5. Biden was also adamant that no one who can’t afford it should have to pay for COVOD treatment. Once again, perhaps Mr. Biden forgot or wasn’t awake on April 3rd when the president stated clearly that we will use money from the CARES Act to pay those costs for people who cannot afford to pay for treatment and lastly,
  6. He told Ms. Reid that America needs someone in command of the vaccine to ensure it gets produced and distributed when ready.  Once again, perhaps Mr. Biden failed to watch Fox News that day but on May15th the president named the commander of the Army’s Materials Center to do exactly that.

Not to beat up on Joe, but c’mon, this is serious ~ if elected, exactly who is going to do the thinking for this man?

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