Years ago, when I was writing commentary for the Vail Daily, I made a comment to the editor and received a surprising reaction. The editor and I were not close, but we respected each other; more importantly, I always felt he was an honest broker of information.  After the dust had settled on the 2008 election, I told him I believed the reason Obama won was because he was black, my rationale was based on the new president’s non-existent resume.

The editor said, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say that you  were a racist.”  A surprising comment considering he was a bright and astute individual.  Nonetheless, he planted a seed compelling me to ask myself if I really wanted to express that opinion to a valley filled with Obama acolytes.  For what purpose, I had already experienced rudeness and snubs from people I did not know but was obvious they knew exactly who I was from my picture in the paper every week.  So, I “held my tongue” so to speak and focused my writing about what “Fundamental change is coming to America ” actually meant.  Little did I realize then how America was experiencing the beginnings of ‘woke ideology’ and a big part of the reason open and honest discussions about race, transgenders and climate have become downright dangerous.

But just talking about race isn’t racist, it’s how an individual discusses race that’s important.  And when I voiced my opinion, I was practicing amateur psephology with my analysis based on my gut-level reaction to what I was witnessing & experiencing in the culture in general, but that did not make my comment racist.

So, why did the editor respond as he did?  I can only speculate, but perhaps  he was experiencing the beginnings of societal brainwashing not dissimilar from the fascists of modern-day China.

Most people fail to realize the primary underpinning of fascism isn’t militarism, although that’s certainly present, rather the predicate of fascism is the primacy the state, the subordination of the individual to the state’s authority and the harsh suppression of dissent.  Freedom of speech is always first casualty of fascism.  And just like 1930’s Europe, whenever fascism rears its ugly head, restrictions of speech follow, and that’s precisely what woke ideology, and the cancel culture are all about.

Victor Davis Hanson opined that 40 million adults living in 1930s Germany didn’t wake up one morning believing they were the master race.  And the indoctrination or brainwashing or gaslighting (or whatever else you choose to call it) of Americans began shortly after Barack Obama was elected in 2009.

There is more than just a salient of fascism in woke ideology; it’s its foundation.  And as the left has gained increasingly more power and influence in this country, we see the results of this “progressive” ideology in every aspect of daily life from a military that can’t recruit to weaponizing the FBI against parents who want to have a say in what their kids are being taught.

My wife and I have family members who are “woke.”  And in recent discussion about transgenderism I commented that I have a hard time accepting the fact that so many boys actually believe they’re a different sex than the one assigned to them at birth.  I told my son-in-law’s family that I suspected the boys who claim they’re transgender are likely experiencing social contagion (like the transgender girl in Virginia who was booted from “her” middle school for sexually assaulting a biological girl in a bathroom and who then turned around and repeated the assault on another biological girl at the transgender girl’s new middle school.)

One would have thought I committed heresy in 14th century Europe from the reaction I received.  To our family members it was absolutely out of the question that if this transgender girl wasn’t experiencing social contagion (aka, “monkey see, monkey do,”) then perhaps “she” was simply autogynephilic , i.e., a male who is sexually aroused by his own presentation as a female.  But they would not hear any of it, and where absolutely aghast that I speculated , “Perhaps ‘she’ had a mental disorder with a form of body dysphoria.”

And on the topic of climate, the shutdowns are even more unyielding.  Climate religion has and is continuing to lower our standard of living.  And in case the activists haven’t noticed, the single most important commodity to an industrialized world, is inexpensive and reliable energy.  But today in woke America this is no longer a matter of discussion because Greta Thunberg, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry have told us so.

What we see in America today is nothing short of madness – wokeness has give us a non-existent border, DA’s who punish victims instead of criminals, ever-increasing energy costs, a military that is so woke it’s only a matter of time before the United States experiences a real embarrassment on the battlefield that will cost lives and prestige, and of course the weaponization of federal agencies.

I may not know how to redress these matters, but I do know what a good first step would be – and that’s to put a clear-thinking adult in the White House, such as or Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis.

Quote of the day:  “People think that the President of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness.  He does not, he can postpone.  He can delay.  But he does not have that power. That has to be an act of Congress.” – Nancy Pelosi