Sports & Other Activities

Read This: Ski Better!

I realize it’s the thought the counts, but let’s face it, sometimes it hard to fake a smile when you know that package under the tree contains a reindeer tie or a snow globe of Swiss village.  So I thought I’d offer a Christmas gift the entire family can enjoy—10... Read More

Skiing or Golf?

During a recent dinner conversation with friends, the topics of skiing and golf came up and soon the entire table was putting in their “two-cents worth” regarding which sport was more fun, more challenging, easier to learn, etc. etc. Our conversation was energetic and... Read More

The Second Right of Spring

Ah, springtime!  April showers, May flowers…and the Stanley Cup Playoffs!  What a wonderful time of the year. It’s been said that college basketball’s March Madness is the greatest tournament in American sports; but must I respectfully disagree.  For pure energy,... Read More

A Game, Like Spring to Savor

Living in the mountains at this time of the year is not particularly conducive to thoughts about baseball—after all, the warm, lazy, hazy days of summer are still a “mud-season” away.  But Easter has come and gone, the Final Four has thrilled us again, and even though... Read More