Let’s get something straight from the get-go—the history of U.S. relations with Iran did not begin when Donald Trump took office.  But judging from recent comments, the left doesn’t to want to acknowledge we’ve been in a de facto war with Iran since they overran our... Read More

Don’t Lose Your Identity!

The commercials about identity theft are cute, but the subject matter is very serious.  Identity theft can cause years of agony, including problems obtaining credit, the aggravation of having to clean up one’s financial report and even legal problems.  According to... Read More

It’s not that complicated

There are no shortages of opinions regarding the most pressing issues facing this nation.  Some cite the rising national debt and point to the fact that historically speaking; large debt always precedes the collapse of government.  Others point to the safe spaces that... Read More

A Christmas Story

This is a reprint of a commentary I wrote years ago in the Vail Daily, and every word is true! For Italian mothers, Christmas is the social event of the season—it’s their raison d’être. They clean, they cook, they bake; they orchestrate the day.  In essence, Christmas... Read More

Removing the spin

For three years we’ve heard Nadler and Schiff tell anyone who would listen that they had “proof” of Russian collusion on the part of the Trump campaign, so in light of the recent IG report I decided to write this commentary and do something novel in... Read More