We are not in crisis

The democrats love to bandy about the idea that nation is in crisis.  We’re not in crisis.  Things are messy.  The Founders intended that the gears of our democracy grind slowly.  We’ve had one constitutional crisis, and that occurred in 1861 when we... Read More

Find a candidate…

On May 16, 1918, the United States Congress passed the Sedition Act, a piece of legislation designed to protect America’s participation in World War I.  The Act was aimed at socialists, pacifists and other anti-war activists and imposed harsh penalties on anyone found... Read More

Welcome Mayor Bloomberg

Zealots cling to impeachment; but unless something new develops, there is no “high crime or misdemeanor.” Disagree if you will, but I wouldn’t bet against the president remaining on the 2020 ballot.  Having said that, it is possible he may not win re-election,... Read More

See any similarities?

Economics Teacher (Ben Stein): Bueller?   Bueller?   Bueller?  Simone:  Um, he’s sick.  My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass... Read More

Thank you for your service!

Nearly 50 million men and women have served in our nation’s military since the founding 243 years ago.  And today we honor those who have worn the uniform and have, as the expression goes, “…at one point in their life signed a blank check payable to the United States... Read More