Troubling Indeed

Normally I refrain from singling out either democrats or republicans.  My political lexicon is left, right, liberal, conservative, etc.  But today I’m going to depart from that practice and single out a party I believe is going off the rails. On December 10th 2019, 44... Read More

Our World

Unlike English, nouns in French are designated as either masculine or feminine.  A house is feminine, “la mansion,” while a pencil is masculine, “le crayon.”  So what gender is a computer? A group of men might reason that computers are feminine (“la computere”)... Read More

From the Jungle to the Swamp

Understandably the president is sometimes described as a street-brawler because when you’ve spent most of your life in the Manhattan real estate market, the “Hit me & I’ll hit you back twice as hard” attitude is necessary just to survive. And that’s precisely the... Read More

Results, not process.

While commenting about the NY Times’ endorsement of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, a pundit for wrote, “…some in the Democrat Party view the president as an aberration and believe that a return to a more sensible America is possible,” followed by,... Read More