REALLY hot summer nights!

Bobbi and I just completed our first summer in Tucson.  Well, I can’t say we weren’t warned – Arizona gets HOT! in the summertime, an understatement if there ever was one.  Nonetheless, with low humidity it hasn’t been unbearable, and like people in many places... Read More

What Could Have Been

Counterfactual history (also virtual history) is a form of historiography that attempts to answer the What if? questions that arise from counterfactual conditions.  As a method of intellectual enquiry, counterfactual history explores history and historical incidents... Read More

Then and Now

Do you remember your first time?  I sure remember mine.  The year was 1955 when my Uncle Joe asked my parents if I could join him to visit my paternal grandparents in Pasadena California. For a 10 year-old fifth-grader the notion of boarding a commercial airliner for... Read More

A Time of Wonder

I truly believe the 1950s were the best possible time to be growing up in America.  When I say that to friends or family they’re quick to point out that I attended high school, graduated from college and later served in the Marine Corps during the decade of the 60s.... Read More

Once in a Lifetime

It was the 70s and a pall hung over America.  The nation was still reeling from its Vietnam experience; the nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island incident sparked doubts about the safety and future of nuclear energy and people cued up for gas, sometimes waiting hours... Read More

The Nose Never Forgets

Our sense of smell has a powerful influence on memory, and early childhood memories seem to be especially susceptible to olfactory triggers.  Several weeks ago I was rummaging through some boxes that haven’t seen the light of day in years; one of which contained my... Read More