Life Lessons

How did they do that?

According to the World Economic Forum there are five (5) stages of development for a new vaccine, which usually takes 10 years or more to complete. 1) Discovery/Research – 2-5 years; 2) The Pre-Clinical Stage – 2 years; 3) The Clinical Development, Phase I – 1-2... Read More

Pick Five!

Many years ago I attended a business seminar that began in a most unusual way.  Instead of beginning the presentation with a witticism or humorous anecdote, the speaker began by asking a simple question—“What’s really important to you?” and then handed out packets of... Read More

Winners & Losers

Sometimes in life we will read words of wisdom or come across an old saying or aphorism that conveys a message or general truth that resonates with us.  At times they’re light-hearted, i.e. “Don’t tug on Superman’s cape,” or “Don’t spit into the wind,” but sometimes... Read More