A (Italian) Christmas Story

For Italian mothers, Christmas is the social event of the season—it’s their raison d’être. They clean.  They cook.  They bake.  They orchestrate the day.  In essence, Christmas is what Italian women live for.  So it was that during junior year college Christmas-break... Read More

Legends, Myths and Traditions

The other night I watched one of my favorite Christmas movies —Miracle on 34th Street, starring Edmund Gwenn (who won an Academy Award for his role as Santa Claus), Maureen O’Hara, and a very young and precocious Natalie Wood. With all the hubbub on FOX News, and in... Read More

“Pass the Gravy Please.”

Well, it’s Thanksgiving Day and another holiday season is upon us.  Today our festivities will center on family, friends, a turkey dinner and football (if we haven’t gone skiing.) As I sat down to type this commentary I couldn’t help thinking about the milieu that... Read More

Not for Women Only!

Each year onn February 14th we “celebrate” the day of St. Valentine by exchanging gifts with our loved ones—or at least that’s what the marketing people in the flower and candy industries would have us believe. In actuality, it’s a day when the price of flowers are... Read More

New Years Eve

I no longer attend New Year’s Eve parties because of a little bit too much dissolution during my youth.  Nowadays, I go out for a quiet (albeit over-priced) dinner or stay home and kick back.  Besides, all too often New Year’s Eve is like Ted Mack’s 1950s TV show,... Read More

Tomorrow is Flag Day

Has anyone noticed that there are fewer American flags flying in the valley these days?  Has patriotism suddenly disappeared?  I think not, my guess is that while hundreds of flags were prominently displayed in the aftermath of September 11th, many of them are no... Read More