Fun With Language

Just Sayin’

When a black person uses the term ‘white privilege’ what they are really saying is, that as a white person my perspective on the subject is less valuable because I have not experienced what blacks have experienced. Meanwhile, when white people use the term, its... Read More

Make your life a little bit easier

A.A. Milne once said, “Organizing is what we do before we do something, so that when we do it, it’s not all mixed up.”  Good advice for sure although I’m not sure I would have expressed it quite that way  – in any event, here are a few tips on things to make... Read More

Turn Left at Greenland

During their first United States tour in 1964, a reporter asked Ringo Starr, “How do you find America,” The Beatles drummer didn’t miss a beat and replied, “Turn left at Greenland!” Well, perhaps it was that simple for Mr. Starr and his friends, but sometimes... Read More

The Liberal Mindset

Whether anyone realized it or not, there was a real “tell” in Vice President Kamala Harris’ comment about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.   The VP opined “My impression about the (Rittenhouse) verdict is that the verdict really speaks for itself.  As many of you... Read More

Does anyone else find it a bit ironic (or would it be karmic justice) that the World Series is going to be played in the city that lost the All-Star Game?  It’ll be interesting to hear how the ever-woke announcer, Joe Buck, handles that. Read More