Fun With Language

A New Game in Town

There’s a new board game coming out soon, it’s called Monopoly for Socialists.  This iteration of the world’s most famous board game is a bit different from the original Parker Brothers version, and this is how it works.  When the person with the most money,... Read More

Abstracted from Ross’ Rant

If you think the reasons for more chaos has ended, wait a few days. Senator Johnson is going to release a major report on Hunter Biden, and it will directly impact Joe.  It will be emails that show extensive corruption by the Biden family, and the emails are from the... Read More

Just Sayin’

Listening to one political party squeal about the other political party pushing forward with a Supreme Court nomination reminds me of Captain Louis Renault in the movie Casablanca, who when he closed down Rick’s Cafe said to Humphrey Bogart,”I’m shocked, shocked... Read More

Just a thought!

I believe it would benefit the country greatly if Trump and the Republicans commited to not pushing thru a Supreme Court nominee until after  the election is settled and the new or current president resumes his term in office, and the new congress is sworn in; and in... Read More

Suppose it were Trump

YipitData data research notes that Netflix lost 8 times its usual number of subscribers following a backlash for streaming the controversial film Cuties.  If you haven’t heard of Cuties, Google it and prepare to be disgusted. At the same time, Barack and Michelle... Read More

Go Figure!

I just found this article on Town Hall.  According to the NY Times, potentially 90 percent of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 have such insignificant amounts of the virus present in their bodies that such individuals do not need to isolate nor are they... Read More