Fun With Language

The not so friendly skies

When assessing any governmental policy, it’s always wise to look at the results of those policies rather than their intentions.  President Joe Biden’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is striving to enlist a diverse workforce through targeting certain... Read More

The last piece of the puzzle

There’s an old saying, “When people reveal to you who they are, it’s wise to believe them.”  And as we watch the unraveling of our country, it’s worth paying attention to the things those in power have said.  And I’d like to begin with our former president and first... Read More

Dante’s Inferno

A little more than a year ago the Biden administration issued an executive order directing the Office of Science and Technology Policy to prepare a report on the risks and benefits of creating a digital dollar for the U.S., i.e., a CBDC, or a ‘central bank digital... Read More