Fun With Language

What would Joe do differently?

In case you’re wondering, when Joe Biden appeared on the Joy Reid Show last week, TV’s latest talk show host asked Mr. Biden what he would do differently regarding the Corona virus.  The former VP went on to list six items that he would do differently, to wit:. He... Read More


According to USA Today, the NFL will play the black national anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before each Week 1 game. It kind of makes one wonder if Roger Godell and the NFL owners have ever heard of E Pluribus Unum. To eliminate the kneeling controversy or having... Read More

Thoughts on a changing culture

Little of what I say here is original, besides if you’re on my email blaster list you may have read some of this before.   So with attribution to the various emails, texts and blogs I receive from a variety of sources here’s one perspective of a changing culture... Read More

More Random Thoughts

What the left has done in this country is to take the George Floyd episode, combine it with similar incidents an then shoehorned them into a pre-existing narrative about race. I’ll never understand; if black lives really mattered why have we never seen a protest over... Read More

Forgot to put in my post yesterday that attribution for What Really Matters goes to Prager University. Stay safe and be well everyone. Read More