Fun With Language

More than just warriors

On May 30, 1868, a crowd of more than 5,000 gathered at Arlington National Cemetery for the first Decoration Day (now known as Memorial Day) observance. Before placing flowers on the graves of the deceased, the crowd listened to an address by James Abram Garfield,... Read More

Some things to think about

The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background is that deep down inside, we ALL believe we are above average drivers. Have you ever noticed that those who want to share their religious views with... Read More

Winners & Losers

The other day I was going thru some old commentaries and came across one where I highlighted a great American social commentator from the 60s-70s—Sydney J. Harris.  Harris was a syndicated columnist for the old Chicago Sun-Times.  He had a unique way with words that... Read More

Play Ball!

Like many out there, I miss the baseball season.  And without real MLB games to watch on TV I am ‘relegated’ to my memories, and today I want to share a true baseball story.  The year was 1986 and I had won an incentive trip to the Mickey Mantle-Whitey Ford Fantasy... Read More

Random Thoughts

 I’ve purposely steered clear from political commentary in my Vail Daily column during the COVID-19 crisis because I thought some lighter commentary was in order.  But my blog is a different animal and here are a few random thoughts. During the Kavanaugh hearings Joe... Read More

Coloring Outside the Lines

Culture places enormous pressure on all of us to follow the rules.  As toddlers we’re taught not to touch the hot stove or to put foreign objects in our mouths and to go to sleep at bedtime.  Later, in elementary school we were taught not to color outside the lines... Read More