Fun With Language

Happy New Year!

Even bloggers need a break sometime, so for today I’m taking the day off to watch football and enjoy the first day of 2024 – and to the followers of my blog – May the very best of your past being the very worst of your future.  So ,here’s to... Read More

Betcha Didn’t Know…

The Salem witch trials occurred during the late 17th century, where according to historical records, thirty people were found guilty of witchcraft and nineteen of them (14 women and 5 men) were executed by hanging.   In late 17th century America those who were thought... Read More

How to irritate a liberal

Whenever we engage a liberal on the subject of climate change it’s critical to stick with facts.  But even then, the reactions we’re likely to see are those of irritation combined with exasperated and condescending “how can you be so stupid?” expressions.  Next,... Read More

The not so friendly skies

When assessing any governmental policy, it’s always wise to look at the results of those policies rather than their intentions.  President Joe Biden’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is striving to enlist a diverse workforce through targeting certain... Read More