Fun With Language

Yay Arkansas!

Once again, I wish I could take credit for it; but not so, this from the Babylon Bee LITTLE ROCK, AR—In a huge blow to trans-species rights, Arkansas has passed a controversial law banning the dismemberment and surgical altering of children if they want to be a... Read More

Nike – Whatta company!

I wish I could take credit for this insight – alas, I cannot – this from the Babylon Bee BEAVERTON, OR—Sneaker manufacturer Nike has graciously reached out to the Biden administration with an offer to house thousands of unaccompanied migrant children at... Read More

Why are they still there?

Members of the National Guard reportedly found metal shavings in over 70 meals; some were made sick by undercooked meat on Sunday, an ABC affiliate reported.  A Michigan National Guard staff sergeant whose identity is being withheld said this is a common problem for... Read More

It’s Human Nature

The expression, “close enough for government work” is an idiomatic, humorous, and disparaging way of saying that something isn’t worth investing the time to do correctly.  For example:  “The fence posts aren’t quite perpendicular, but they’re close enough for... Read More

Is this really necessary?

Recently a friend forwarded an article citing how the French are becoming concerned with America’s ‘woke leftism’ & identity politics, and the effects those notions are having on French culture.  Normally I’m not overly concerned with the opinions of other... Read More