American Life

Boy, was I wrong!

Sometimes we just have to admit when we’re wrong, and after yesterday’s debacle at the Capitol I can honestly say if the election were held today, Donald Trump would lose in a landslide—in fact, I wonder if he would receive a single electoral vote—and deservedly... Read More

2020 by the numbers

COVID 1/20/20 First COVID case in U.S. 1/22/20 COVID reported to the CDC 1/31/20 President Trump halts all Chinese travel into the United States. 2/1/20 Joe Biden calls Trump xenophobic 2/3/20 Trump declares a public health emergency. 2/19/20 Covid death toll in the... Read More

Brain Engaged!

Skiing is a marvelous sport; but it also has inherent risks.  And while we’ve all heard someone say to us, “Be careful,” Don’t ski too fast,” Don’t take chances, etc., those cautions are usually dismissed within seconds of hearing them. Meanwhile, my son-in-law uses... Read More