Well, it’s the day after Christmas and I hope everyone had an enjoyable day with family or friends – We had Xmas dinner with friends, played some games and had a delightful day.

But Bobbi and I like to spend Christmas Eve alone, just us, and to tell the truth, we stopped exchanging gifts ‘per se’ a few years ago, now it’s flowers, cards and gestures, so Bobbi a special dinner and the three of us, me, Bobbi and Molly, our 3-year old Bernadoodle spent the evening watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” — perfect!

Interestingly, during the opening scene of the movie when the Celestial angels were conversing and had summoned Clarence, Angel Second Class that to earn his wings he needed to travel down to earth to save George Bailey when Bobbi remarked; “Aren’t those old movies wonderful, when you could just get lost in a fantasy, too bad Hollywood doesn’t make movies like that anymore”  when it occurred to me how heart warming and charming movies like “Miracle on 34th Street” (the original) and “It’s a Wonderful Life” were a thing of the past, and how the innocence of those simpler times are gone and I said to Bobbi, “Wokeness has removed much of the charm of everyday life.”  Such a shame, but no politics on the day after Christmas.

Meanwhile, and speaking of Christmas Eve, whether you were with your significant other, your extended family, or a few good friends, most of us experienced what I like to call what is that ‘special feeling’ that is uniquely Christmas Eve; a night that has a feel and quality all its own.  The tenor is one of peace, warmth, stillness, love, and serenity.

Now contrast those words with the words, indulgence, excess, decadence, extravagance, and debauchery.  Those are the words that can be ascribed to an event that will occur just five days from now—New Year’s Eve.

So, how is it that we are able to switch from the “Joy to the World” feeling of Christmas to those $$$$$ per person events that hotels and restaurants across America will feature on Saturday night?  I can’t answer that question, but I find the transformation in attitude and behavior remarkable.  Perhaps New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to let off steam; after all, most of us are taking a collective sigh of relief from frenetic shopping, our kids’ & grandkids’ sugar highs, sleep deprivation and visiting guests who have hopefully enjoyed themselves but will soon board one of those vans on their way to Denver International Airport and home.

But regardless of how you chose to celebrate New Year’s Eve, as the holiday season reaches its crescendo, my wish for those who read this blog, is one of wishing each of you health, happiness, and prosperity in the new year where all things are possible.

Thought for the day: – Santa had the right idea, he only visits people once a year – and even then his stay is brief.

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