There was a time when democrats believed in pluralism, open-mindedness, tolerance, personal freedom, fighting for the downtrodden, a higher minimum wage, women’s equality, a colorblind society, free trade, abortions that were ‘safe, legal and rare,’ were insistent that government does not foster a state religion, and were proud of the term liberal.  But today those beliefs have been turned inside out, and we see “liberals” supporting racial quotas, race norming, i.e., schools grading exams differently for different races, and segregating students in college dorms by race or ethnicity.  And thanks to the uber-liberal teachers’ unions, American kids are receiving more instruction on LBGTQ issues than about the history of the Founding and the Bill of Rights.  The sad reality is that liberalism as practiced by today’s Democrat Party is actually a first cousin to fascism.

~  Homonyms ~

Homonyms are words having the same spelling or pronunciations but different meanings and origins.  For example, “cache or cash” or “ring as jewelry or ring as a sound.”  Meanwhile, the word pride is defined by Merriam-Webster as “reasonable self-esteem” or “confidence and satisfaction in oneself, while Oxford isn’t quite so kind and defines pride as “the quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s own importance.”  But the word pride also refers to the social structure of a group of lions, as lions are the only big cats to live in family units called “prides.”

So, what do lions have to do with the LGBTQ community?  Nothing actually unless you’re visiting Vail, Colorado.   Allow me to explain.  Yesterday I received an email from a friend advising of a recent change at the ski area.  But first, let me to offer some context.  Before moving to Tucson, I skied Vail for nearly 50 years; I owned a second home there when I lived in Denver and retired there in 1999 where I taught skiing for 15 years.  So, to say Vail holds a very special place in my heart is beyond an understatement; and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I would burst with pride every time I wore my Vail Ski-School Uniform or when I attended ski instructor clinics at various ski areas and when introducing myself as someone who was with the Vail Ski School.

~ A predictable fall from grace ~

Now let’s re-wind to 1987 when Ski Magazine published its first readers’ survey.  In the thirty-six (36) years Ski Magazine ran their poll, Vail ranked either 1st or 2nd 25 times until Vail ‘went woke’ about ten (10) years ago with predictable results.  And since “going woke” Vail has tumbled from its preeminent ranking as being America’s #1 ski resort to its current ranking at #20 (in the Ski Magazine survey.)  But even more telling, the largest ski area in North America comprising the most diverse terrain and most extensive lift system didn’t even make the Condé Nast Traveler list of North America’s top 20 ski resorts—and it’s no wonder why.

Part of the reason can be found in a signage change on Vail Mountain.  The signage I refer to is for Chair #26, The Pride Express Lift, one of thirty-one (31) lifts on Vail Mountain.  But the “Pride” chairlift wasn’t named for alternative lifestyles, rather it was part of a theme on the west side of Vail Mountain where skiers would access the mountain from “Lionshead Village” one of the three points of departure (PODs) that access the mountain.  Lionshead Village was built and named more than 50 years ago and derived its name from a nearby rock outcropping that resembles the head of an African lion; and in following with the theme, the ski runs serviced by the Pride lift have names such as Simba, Born Free, Cheetah, Cub’s Way, etc., etc.

The Pride Express Lift will no longer sport the deep rich white background accentuating Vail’s world-famous blue & black graphic logo.  The rainbow colors of the LBGTQ community have replaced the traditional background rendering the official name of the lift secondary to what’s really important—gay pride.  We shouldn’t find this surprising though, because it was just last week that the Biden administration put the pride flag front and center on the South Lawn flanked by two American Flags – yes, Old Glory held a secondary position with the focus being on the garish stripes of the rainbow flag.

But at what point is enough, enough?  And considering Biden’s preoccupation with DEI we shouldn’t be surprised that the American Flag plays second fiddle to the pride flag at the White House.  And with the profusion of rainbow flags, one might ask how long before America’s public spaces begin to resemble the torch filled Reichsparteitagsgelände of 1930s Germany, only this time festooned with pride flags instead of giant flowing red banners emblazoned with swastikas.

Quote of the day – “We already have a flag that includes everyone.” – Rich Lowry

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