• Think about this for a moment, letting old people die is a lot cheaper than spending the kind of money required to keep them alive and well.  So, if a government run medical system is intent on saving serious money, it is almost certain to do so by sacrificing the elderly.  Not a very comforting thought to the demographic that reads this blog.
  • But don’t worry about the aforementioned, the democrats are in charge, and they would NEVER allow that to happen.
  • The welfare state is not about the welfare of the masses, rather its about the egos of the elites and the most dangerous thing about the welfare state is that it breaks the connection between what people produce and what they consume
  • Income inequality in America is getting worse because parenting is getting worse.  That is the cold truth that will never be admitted by the left.  No political system can nurture individuals so they can achieve success if the basics of personal responsibility and education are absent—and that comes from engaged parents.
  • “Antiracism” is an Orwellian phrase whose meaning is the exact opposite of how it sounds and should never be confused with anti-racism, or opposition to discriminating against people based on race.  Everyone should be opposed to racism.  However, to be an “antiracist” you must agree that our society, in every aspect, is racist and that the remedy is to embrace sweeping new forms of racial discrimination.
  • When a black person uses the term white privilege what they are really saying is that by reason of a person’s skin color at birth, they were given certain advantages, and that my perspective on matters as a white person is less valuable than theirs because I have not experienced what blacks have experienced.
  • Meanwhile, when white people use the term its usually virtue signaling.  And while racial issues are important and should be discussed in the public square, experience has shown that 95% of the time when the term is used, it really can’t be taken any other way than to see it as a cudgel rather than an attempt to open a reasoned discussion.
  • People vote with their feet and more people immigrate to the United States than every other nation on earth combined – so how is it we’re a racist country?
  • Rights and privileges are very different things, e.g., you do not have a “right” to a driver’s license, that’s a privilege given to the individual by the state.  In much the same way, abortion is not now, nor has it ever been a right, even though it’s been erroneously presented that way in the past.
  • Equal opportunity does not mean equal results, despite how many laws, policies and “equity programs” proceed as if it does.  The biggest problem with the left is that it continually conflates these two very separate issues.
  • I find it interesting that our brainwashed school-aged children who parrot their teachers about the evils of ‘climate change’ are the first generation to have air-conditioning in every classroom and TVs in their bedrooms; these young people seldom walk or ride their bikes to school, but instead, arrive in caravans of private cars and are the biggest consumers of energy absorbing electronic goods all while continually updating perfectly good expensive luxury items just to stay trendy.
  • The need to weigh benefits against costs is the very essence of economics.  It’s also a fact that the number of things that might be beneficial to society vastly exceeds what any society can afford, which is why nations, like individuals must always weigh trade-offs.  But the left doesn’t see it that way.  To a liberal, social justice demands that the government makes costly decisions without having to weigh those costs against benefits.
  • The fundamental fact about the ideas & policies of the political left is that most do not work, e.g., war on poverty, war on crime, war on drugs, etc.   Therefore, we should not be surprised to find more liberals concentrated in institutions such as academia, where ideas & policies do not have to be effective in order to survive.  Think Dr. Peter Venkman (Dan Akroyd) in Ghostbusters, who said, “You’ve never been out of college, you don’t know what it’s like out there, I’ve WORKED in the private sector, they expect results!”
  • Trump was impeached because he told us to protect our borders, bring our manufacturing back home, to be less dependent on other countries, to be energy independent and warned us about China.
  • Superheroes don’t wear capes, superheroes are quiet, unassuming people working hard to improve the lives of their families, communities, and their other spheres of influence.  Kindness, humility, honesty, integrity, and resilience.  These are the values that truly define American superheroes

    Quote of the day: “The appetite for environmental purity in general is high only when its true costs are hidden — or when such costs are supposedly going to be borne by greedy billionaires.”—Richard Morrison


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