Why is the Biden administration urging Israel to act with proportionality in its fight against Hamas?  And as a practical matter, what exactly does proportionality mean?  Should the IDF limit the number of civilian deaths to the number of murdered Israelis, then rape the same number of women the Hamas terrorists raped before mutilating their bodies and end the attack by limiting the number of babies they behead to the exact number of infants Hamas beheaded on October 7th?  Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?  Well, that’s no more absurd than advocating for proportionality when dealing with Iranian backed terrorists.

Our European allies are skeptical of the Israelis’ hardline policies towards Hamas and are cautioning restraint.  Yet the more Hamas rapes, mutilates and beheads, they scream for proportionality.  But proportionality is not what’s needed – what’s needed is an understanding of why a proportional response – whatever that is – simply won’t work.

The naked reality is that proportional uses of force accomplish little and are unlikely to solve anything other than infuriating an adversary by striking its territory without eliminating its ability to retaliate.  Additionally, anything less than all-out war against Hamas would simply indicate that Israel isn’t serious and is more concerned in placating an increasingly anti-Semitic world than ridding itself of this scourge at its border.

The Obama administration talked about a limited strike on Syria to punish Assad for crossing Obama’s “red line” on chemical weapons before opting instead for an equally hollow diplomatic solution.  And how did Assad respond – with more chemical attacks, that’s how.  The Clinton administration launched strikes on Osama bin Laden after the attacks on two U.S. embassies and look how well that turned out for us.  These demonstrations might seem to show resolve in the moment, but history provides absolutely no historical precedents where ‘proportionality’ has been effective against Muslim terrorists.

~ Peaceful Solution Not Possible ~

The U.S. and British Air Forces bombed Germany into submission during WW II one reason and one reason only – to end the war.  It wasn’t revenge, or racism or anything else, we simply wanted to end the carnage.  Of course, all those factors came into play, it would be impossible for them not to, but they were not primary.  Japan was already decimated almost beyond recognition before the first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, yet the fanatics in Tokyo vowed to fight on to the last, which by some estimates would have resulted in several millions of casualties on both sides.  Then a second ‘bomb’ along with the threat of a Russian invasion of Kyushu gave the Japanese no option except to capitulate.

This isn’t a conflict between the Palestinians and Israel; this conflict is between Israel and Iran through Iran’s proxy, Hamas – and too many people, from our president to our under-educated, snowflake college students refuse to accept that.  Face it, NATO or the UN could offer to carry out law enforcement and peacekeeping duties, oversee a temporary new government, designate land for building mosques, and take a go-slow approach to reforming the laws.  They could offer to re-build the infrastructure including schools and in essence, rebuild the Palestinian economy – but all would go for naught because that’s not what Iran wants.  Iran wants the Holocaust 2.0.

In its original 1988 charter, Hamas stated that “There is no solution for the Palestinian problem except by Jihad.”  Then in its 2017 version of its charter, Hamas claimed to reject the “persecution of any human being or the undermining of his or her rights on nationalist, religious or sectarian grounds.”   So, what changed between 2017 and October 7th, 2023?  The answer is nothing – Hamas lied and then went about murdering 1,300 Israelis, in the most vicious and barbaric means possible.

Actions speak louder than words, and Hamas actions say just one thing.  Only ideologues, Muslim fanatics and the obtuse students that populate our college campuses fail to grasp the true nature of this war and who is ultimately behind it.

As Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas politburo spoke at a news conference on Oct. 30, “Everything we do is justified.”  And as Hamas promises more massacres when speaking to the Arab world they turn around and ask for a humanitarian reprieve in English because they know from experience that some Westerners are gullible enough to fall for it

I have written about this before, there’s only one way to deal with a rabid dog – and that’s to eliminate it.  Hamas is the human equivalent of a rabid dog.  This terror will not end until Hamas is completely eliminated, and Iran stops funding its proxies.

~ Authors Shout Out! ~

While preparing to ride the Tucson Loop on Saturday I serendipitously ran into two readers of this blog – sometimes it’s a VERY small world, so, I’d like to give a shout out to my new friends from Phoenix. 🙂 

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