• For the most part I don’t think our underlying political differences are as great as they appear; rather I suspect they’re more a consequence of where we get our information.
  • If equality and fairness are the two words that best describe liberal orthodoxy, then freedom and opportunity are the two that best describe conservative philosophy.
  • Images of sea birds bathed in slime after every oil spill deliver a powerful message; but if the imagery is meant to remind us of the hazards of using fossil fuels, why don’t we see the images of the hundreds perhaps thousands of Golden and Bald Eagles mutilated every year by wind turbines?
  • AOC isn’t stupid; in fact she graduated cum laude from Boston College. She’s a very charismatic legislator, making it unfortunate that she doesn’t understand she was elected to be an informed member of congress, not an uninformed activist.
  • And not only isn’t AOC stupid, she’s actually found her niche—I give her one, perhaps two terms before she “retires” from congress and is rewarded with her own talk show on MSNBC
  • I agree with the statement, “Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.” But in light of the recent legislation in New York State and the attempted legislation in Virginia it appears that in some jurisdictions a fetus isn’t safe even as it enters the birth canal.
  • Meanwhile, Alabama & Georgia have passed abortion laws so restrictive they may as well be a ban—I don’t have an answer to the abortion question, but c’mon.
  • Does anyone really believe House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler has the institutional wherewithal to do a more thorough job of investigating collusion or obstruction than did the Special Counsel with his team of professional and highly motivated investigators?Robert Mueller should testify before Congress so the House can get back to the job they were elected to do—governing.
  • President Trump is accountable to the American people to an extent far greater than President Xi Jinping isto his citizens. It’s this situation that gives President Xi an enormous advantage when negotiating with the United States.  Meanwhile, a $500 billion trade deficit with China is manifestly unsustainable.  No one wants a trade war, especially our farmers, but what other options does the president have to induce the Chinese to address this very dangerous trade imbalance?
  • We often hear comments comparing the people who immigrated to this country legally with the people in caravans coming up from Mexico. But the reality is that throughout our history the immigrants who came here legally first and foremost wanted to become Americans.  And upon arriving they found a raw and emergent land; so they learned the language and built the greatest nation the world has ever known.  Today illegal aliens, many of whom actually carry the flags of their native homeland, come to a post-industrial nation replete with welfare benefits beyond their dreams—there’s a BIG difference.
  • There’s no way to deport the 12 million people living here illegally; besides, these people are already here so, as some argue, we might as well let them stay and normalize the situation. However, by virtue of the fact that we cannot deport them what we’re actually telling future illegal aliens is, if they persist long enough they’ll get in, and if they stay long enough they’ll cut to the head of the line.  This is the very definition of a dilemma.
  • I wonder if anyone else finds it interesting that Congress was able to find $150 billion for Iran, a nation that’s been antithetical to American interests since the 1979 hostage crisis, but can’t find $5 billion for a border wall
  • There’s no mystery as to why Nancy Pelosi and the House democrats won’t work to solve the crisis at our southern border. According to Pew Research,by a ratio of 5:1 registered Latino voters say the Democratic Party has more concern for them than does the Republican Party.  Pelosi understands the math, so to her the issue isn’t about securing the border; rather it’s about securing the Hispanic vote!

Thought for the day:  If socialism is so great, why are the immigrant caravans trekking through Mexico headed to the United States and not Venezuela?


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