Perhaps I’m beating a dead horse, but whenever I hear a liberal quote the NY Times I cringe, because to say it simply, the NY Times is not an honest purveyor of the news.  Yet the Times has long been considered the ‘newspaper of record’ in the United States and for reasons I don’t understand is still considered to be one of the world’s great newspapers.  And as unbelievable as it may seem today, at one time the strength of the paper was in its editorial excellence.  Established in 1851 the Times avoided sensationalism and reported the news in a restrained and objective fashion.  So, what changed?

Most of us are familiar with the old saying, “Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me,” an expression first used in 1650 by politician Anthony Weldon.  The old saw is a clever way of saying that we should learn the first time someone lies or tricks us.  Begging the question, why does anyone still read the NY Times?

Yes, the Trump collusion hoax is old news.  But it also just happens to be one of the best topics to illustrate how blatantly dishonest the Grey Lady has become, and why it can now be considered the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

This past January the Columbia Journalistic Review a periodical considered the gold standard in journalistic objectivity, published a 26,000-word four-part investigation into the conspiracy commonly known as ‘Russiagate.’  The review was written by Jeff Gerth, a highly respected political observer and a former New York Times reporter with decades of experience.

~ A Record of Accuracy? – Not! ~

For five years the New York Times fed the grotesque lie that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to subvert an American election.  However, the picture that emerges from Gerth’s report shows a morass of malfeasance, lies, and ideological bias so voluminous that it’s become impossible to tally or account for all of them.  So, today I wanted to examine just a few of the lies America’s ‘newspaper of record’ has foisted on a gullible public, beginning with the fact that every major claim of the NY Times Russian collusion hoax narrative has proven to be false, to wit:

  • The steel dossier with his lurid accusations that Donald Trump had close ties to Vladimir Putin & Russian intelligence was a collection of unsourced fabrications cut and pasted together by Trump hating former British spy working for and paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign.
  • It was complete fiction that the Trump organization was secretly connected to computers at a Russian financial institution called Alpha Bank.
  • Another fiction that was concocted by Clinton campaign lawyers was the accusation that Carter page and George Papadopoulos, both peripheral foreign policy advisors to the Trump campaign, were Russian agents.
  • Working with the FBI or some other government entity the Times would publish an accusation of Trump Russia collusion and the FBI would then look into the story. Then in circular fashion would report the FBI ‘s curiosity with the clear implication – “If the FBI was interested there MUST be something to investigate.”
  • Unbelievably, sometimes it would work the other way, when someone at the FBI (or other government entity) would feed spurious information to the Times citing “anonymous government sources” the Times would unquestioningly report it with the insinuation that “where there is smoke there must be fire.” But there wasn’t any smoke and there wasn’t any fire as the NY Times did its level best to dupe Americans into believing what the Times wanted us to believe about Donald Trump.

There were more than 500 articles published in major newspapers (most taking their lead from the Times) about Russia and Trump during the 22 months of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the former president’s alleged involvement with Russia.  As an aside, New York Times was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for this reporting, which speaks volumes about how what was once a prestigious award has been diminished.

Quite ironically the only Trump era collusion that has ever been proven was the four-way collusion among the legacy media, the Clinton campaign, the Democrat Party, and elements within certain government agencies.  All of which together did more to sow discord among Americans than Vladimir Putin could have ever dreamed of doing on its own.

It should be obvious that outside of ideologues or those who claim to read the Times for its ‘arts & entertainment section’ that its reporting of Donald Trump was poorly sourced, rarely checked and in many cases, simply a made up to create a narrative.  Perhaps its entertainment section is worth reading, but as a news organization the NY Times is no longer about gathering the facts and presenting them accurately.  Today it’s about choosing sides and engaging in political warfare with its scorched earth activism masquerading as journalism.

Quote of the day: “The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.”—George Orwell


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