• It’s a given that the kids attending inner city schools are not receiving the same quality of education as say, those attending Eagle County schools. Yet due to affirmative action, after being denied the opportunity receive a quality education in both grade and high school, these kids are given preferential treatment for admissions into colleges and universities where they are ill-equipped to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • We are a nation of laws, and the republic operates best when its citizens obey the law. However, amnesty for illegal aliens circumvents the law even when progressives put lipstick on the matter by including requirements for citizenship.  It’s axiomatic that when breaking the law is not punished, it brings that law into contempt—our southern border is a classic example.
  • I fail to see how my whiteness has anything to do with the fact that Americans of Asian decent have twice the annual income of black Americans.
  • Much of the BLM movement is nothing more than basic tribalism, which means allowing the lowest common denominator to determine the fate of the group.
  • Our college campuses now have safe spaces, and in many cases, separate graduation ceremonies for various identity groups. But isn’t it actually a form of ideological bigotry when students can attend a college or university for four years without ever hearing or reading anything that challenges the progressive viewpoint?
  • Why is it the least productive people always seem to be the ones who want to have another meeting?.
  • We now have the Washington Football Team; it’s the Redskins no more because some in Washington found the term offensive. But I guess it’s not offensive to have Tomahawk cruise missiles and Apache and Blackhawk attack helicopters. Go figure!
  • We can measure the greatness of a society by looking at the way it treats and cares for the more unfortunate among us. At the same time, while “safety nets” are important, we must guard against them becoming hammocks.
  • The civil rights revolution was a landmark in American history, but I find it interesting that economically speaking blacks rose faster during the 1940s and 50s.
  • Did you know that a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats in both Houses of Congress voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act?
  • Civil rights are about treating everyone the same, i.e., the same opportunities and the same responsibilities—it’s not about giving special treatment to certain groups so that equal treatment comes to be viewed as discrimination.
  • The great nations of history were at times threatened by barbarians at the gates, but as comedian and social commentator Bill Maher opined, we may be the first nation in history to be threatened by self-indulgent silliness at the gates.
  • Thirty plus years after the fall of the Berlin Wall the economic disparity between Eastern Europeans and Western Europeans remains greater than the economic disparity between blacks and whites in America—could the fact that Eastern Europe was socialists for 45 years have anything to do with that?
  • Gasoline profits are usually in the range of 10% of the price at the pump. Meanwhile oil companies are taxed at roughly 17% – so, who’s really “greedy,” the oil companies or the government?
  • The reason socialism has never worked anywhere it’s been tried is because there’s no mechanism to flush out inefficiency, like red ink on a P&L statement or how bankruptcy winnows the inefficient under capitalism.
  • Life never asks what we want; instead, it presents us with options.
  • Economists are often asked to predict what the economy will do in the next 12 months, but economic predictions require predicting what politicians are going to do next week.
  • When the automobile made its appearance, it wreaked havoc on just about everything built around horses, i.e., buggies, coaches, farm plows, saddles, feed, horseshoes etc. Unfortunately, all people whose livelihoods depended upon the horse found no compassionate government to step in with a bailout or stimulus package.
  • Criticizing businesses for “just being in it for the profits” is tantamount to criticizing workers who are working just for a paycheck.
  • When school focus on programs that teach “self-esteem” instead of teaching subjects such as math, history and geography that require study, kids only learn to vent their ignorance with confidence.
  • As education in our public schools gets watered down has anyone noticed how graduation ceremonies and proms get more elaborate?
  • Have you noticed how institutions that force-feed the new holy trinity of race, class and gender victimhood are usually the same institutions that are unwilling to allow a lecture by someone with opposing views.

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