A close long-time personal friend has a problem getting his letters-to-the-editor published for two reasons – first, the editor won’t print anything longer than 200 words and getting a meaningful political message across in less than that is difficult and secondly, my long-time friend is a conservative and his editor, like mine at the Vail Daily, is a dyed in the wool liberal who doesn’t like contrary opinions.

So, in a SOP to my longtime friend, and former college roomie, I’ve decided to publish his thoughts here on my blog.

It’s just a coincidence that only the key” swing” states (PA, MI, GA, WI) changed their absentee voting procedures?  (For the record, In Pennsylvania when polls closed Trump was ahead by 600,000—he lost by 82,000.  In Michigan a 300,000-lead turned into a 155,000 loss.  In Georgia a 100,000 lead at end of in-person voting changed to a 21,000 loss.  And in Wisconsin a 117,000 lead at close of in-person changed to a 21,000 loss overnight.  Countless thousands of unrequested ballots were mailed out without any controls. Security requirements for submission were suspended. “Ballot harvesting” without chain of custody was permitted. Using the “cover of Covid” this was all done in violation of the Constitution (Article 1, Sec. 4) which stipulates only the state legislatures can establish the “…. manner of holding elections”

Incredibly, in all of those states Trump was leading when the polls closed but after midnight unsecured and poorly validated absentee ballots reversed the results.  What a coincidence!  And only in the swing states! Wow!

The average popular vote for the 3 prior elections was 128.3 million votes. 2008 featured 1st black candidate and 2016 first woman. In 2020 it was 155.4 million…in a pandemic yet!  Biden who did not actively campaign got 11.7M more votes than Obama.  Was “Basement strategy” that effective?  I remain more than a bit cynical as I do not believe in political coincidences, especially in an election year.

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