I have not been blogging recently for several reasons.  A) I’ve been busy with my photography, B) I don’t want to make fun of an aging man who slipped & fell, although you can bet your bippy that Putin, Xi and Kim aren’t saying to themselves, “Gee, how can I help affable old Joe Biden.” and C) there are so many ominous red flags from the border to gas prices to getting metaphorically bitch-slapped by the Chinese who before the Biden administration had any clear policy toward the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), he invited them to engage in talks – talk about losing leverage.  The CCP should have come to us after the Trump years but and aging and arguably addled president doesn’t have a clue and he fell right into the communist negotiating trap, i.e., “He who speaks first during a negotiation loses leverage.”  – So instead of getting myself worked up over what I see happening to and in this country I thought I’d just publish Biden’s official presidential schedule for last week and leave it at that – it must be exhausting

Monday, March 15th

  • 9:50 AM – Daily briefing; 1:45 PM President delivers remarks on American Rescue Plan

Tuesday, March 16th

  • 9:50 AM – Daily briefing; 3:30 PM President visits a small business in Chester, Pennsylvania; 4:15 Interview with George Stephanopoulos

Wednesday, March 17th

  • 8:00 AM President attends Mass in honor of St. Patrick’s Day; 9:50 Daily Briefing; 11:00 AM, President hosts Prime Minister of Ireland

Thursday, March 18th

  • 9:30 AM President receives daily briefing with VP Harris; 1:15 PM, President & VP Harris receive COVID briefing; 2:15 PM, President & VP Harris receive economic briefing; 3:15 PM President delivers remarks on the state of vaccinations

Friday, March 19th

  • 10:00 AM President receives daily briefing; 2:15 PM President and VP Harris visit CDC in Atlanta; 3:35 President & VP Harris meet with Georgia’s Asian-American leaders; 4:40 PM, President delivers remarks at Emory University

Saturday, March 20th

  • No public events scheduled – president at Camp David

Sunday, March 21st

No public events scheduled – president at Camp David

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