Look at the graph below and tell me honestly that you don’t have at least a few question.

Popular Vote 2008 Popular vote 2012 Popular vote2016  Popular Vote
Obama       69,500,000 Obama       65,900,000 Hillary       65,800,000 Biden     81,200,000
McCain       60,000,000 Romney       60,900,000 Trump        62,900,000 Trump      74,200,000
Totals      129,500,000    126,800,000 128,700,000 155,400,000
  • How does a 78-year old man, who’s obviously well past his prime (and that’s not a slam, it’s a fact) who couldn’t draw more than 500 people to a rally, garner 11,700,000 more votes than Barack Obama, the first black man to ever run for president?
  • Perhaps an even better question is how did Joe Biden receive 15,400,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton, the first woman to ever run for president?
  • Or how did he lose 18 of the nation’s 19 bellwether counties and still win the electoral college?
  • Could millions of unsolicited mail-in ballots that had questionable security have something to do with Biden receiving 81,200,000 votes?

…and lastly, people usually vote their passions, (Hope & Change); (Make America Great Again), so can anyone tell me what Joe Biden’s message to America is or how his “vision” excited 81 million people to vote for him?  Was this election stolen?  Was the vote in five battleground states illegally compromised?   I can’t answer that although there is a considerable amount of evidence of voter fraud. Unfortunately for Trump supporters it’s not enough to overturn an election; so what’s next?

Here’s a novel idea, at least for the time being let’s put partisanship aside and show the office the regard it deserves and treat the President-Elect and soon to be President Biden with more respect than was accorded to Trump in 2016.

Question of the day:  Is there more evidence of voter fraud during the 2020 election or of Russian collusion in the 2016 election?