This is a rather dark and foreboding piece I received from a friend.  Do I believe it?  Let’s just say I believe there’s more than a little truth here.  I’m certainly not a pessimist by nature, but we would be foolish to discount what this anonymous author wrote.  So, what I’m really doing is putting this into my blog so I can refer back to it sometime in the future.  I hope this is all wrong; but I fear it is not because as the saying goes, “Elections have consequences.”

“Now you understand why there was never any action against the Clintons or Obama, how they destroyed emails and evidence and phones and servers, how they spied and wiretapped, how they lied to FISA, had conversations on the tarmac, sent emails to cover their asses after key meetings, how Comey and Brennan and Clapper never were brought to any justice, how the FBI and CIA lied, how the Steele Dossier was passed along, how phones got factory reset, how leak after leak to an accomplice media went unchecked, why George Soros is always in the shadows, why Romney and Paul and Bush and McCain were all involved, why they screamed Russia and pushed a sham impeachment, why no one ever goes to jail, why no one is ever charged, why nothing ever happens.

Why there was no wrongdoing in the FISA warrants, why the Durham report was delayed. Why Hunter will walk scot free. Why the FBI sat on the laptop. Why the Biden’s connection to China was overlooked as was unleashed the perfect weapon, a virus that could be weaponized politically to bring down the greatest ever economy and usher in unverifiable mail in voting.

Why the media is 24/7 propaganda and lies, why up is down and down is up, right is wrong and wrong is right.  Why social media silences the First Amendment and speaks over the President of the United States.  This has been the plan by the Deep State all along.  They didn’t expect Trump to win in 2016.  He messed up their plans.  Delayed it a little.  They weren’t about to let it happen again.  Covid was weaponized, Governors helped shut down their states, the media helped shame and kill the economy, and the super lucky unverifiable mail in ballots were just the trick to make sure the career politician allegedly with hands in Chinese payrolls that couldn’t finish a sentence or collect a crowd, miraculously became the most popular vote recipient of all time.

You have just witnessed a coup, the overthrow of the US free election system, the end of our constitutional republic, and the merge of capitalism into the slide toward socialism.  What will happen next?  Expect the borders to open up.  Increased immigration.  Expect agencies like CBP, INS and Homeland Security to be muzzled or even deleted.  Law enforcement will see continued defunding.  The electoral college will soon be gone.  History erased.  The Supreme Court will likely be packed.  Your 2nd Amendment will be attacked. If you have a manufacturing job or oil industry job, get ready. If you run a business, brace for impact.  Maybe you’ll be on the hook for slavery reparations, or have your suburbs turned into Section 8 housing.  Your taxes are going to go up, and businesses will pay more.

I could go on and on.  There is no real recovery from this.  The elections from here on will be decided by New York City, Chicago, and California.  The Republic will be dead.  Mob rule and appeasement will run rampant.  The candidate who offers the most from the Treasury will get the most votes.  But the votes voted won’t matter, just the ones received and counted.  That precedent has been set.

“Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when someone shouted out, ‘Doctor, what have we got?  A republic or a monarchy?’”
Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”