A few random thoughts before the media becomes preoccupied with the January 6th committee…

The reason the media is focusing so much attention on the events of January 6th is because President Biden doesn’t have anything to brag about  during this holiday season, not a thing; and he’s failing to provide even a glimmer of hope for the future. The only ammunition he has left is to get you to focus on the past.  And if not for the protection & cover the media affords him I believe his approval rating would be in the high twenties.

The Biden administration has become a caricature of incompetency. But we shouldn’t  be surprised, in fact this was entirely predictable considering his advisors and cabinet were chosen solely on the basis of diversity rather than experience and qualifications.

And how can the fact that we have the worst border crisis perhaps in our nation’s history yet neither the president nor the vice president has deigned to travel there not be a violation of their respective oaths of office and not be an impeachable offense?


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