• 1/20/20 First COVID case in U.S.
  • 1/22/20 COVID reported to the CDC
  • 1/31/20 President Trump halts all Chinese travel into the United States.
  • 2/1/20 Joe Biden calls Trump xenophobic
  • 2/3/20 Trump declares a public health emergency.
  • 2/19/20 Covid death toll in the U.S. surpasses 2,000.
  • 3/11/20 The World Health Organization declares COVID a global pandemic
  • 3/13/20 Covid declared a national emergency.
  • 3/26/20 Senate passes the first COVID aid bill.
  • 4/1/20 the lockdown starts, as deaths exceed 50,000 in the USA, 91% of Americans are ordered to stay home.
  • 5/15/20 the Trump administration announces the framework for Operation Warp Speed to develop a vaccine.
  • 8/13/20, Joe Biden calls for a mask mandate, while surveys show about 90 percent of Americans are already wearing masks.
  • 10/30/20 USA surpasses 9 million Covid cases.
  • 10/28/20 Vaccine is ready in unheard of time (6 months) but for some unknown reason Pfizer choose not to announced this to the public
  • 11/3/20 Election Day
  • 12/11/20 the FDA approves Pfizer’s vaccine. 


Election Anomalies.

  • When the polls closed in Pennsylvania, Trump was ahead by 600,000 votes. He lost by 82,000
  • When the polls closed in Michigan Trump was ahead by 300,000 votes. He lost by 155,000.
  • When the polls closed in Georgia Trump was ahead by 100,000 votes. He lost by 12,000.
  • When the polls closed in Wisconsin Trump led by 117,000 votes, he lost by 21,000
  • I have no way of knowing if there was cheating or fraud in the past election but in reviewing the statistics any fair-minded individual would want an official government agency to do analytics on the mail-in votes. But AG Barr isn’t doing it and you know the Biden administration won’t do it.  So, I think a valid question is, why not?  If it happened once, it could happen again.


The Peaceful Protests

  • 5/25/20 – George Floyd is killed in Minneapolis
  • 5/26/20 – The vandalism and looting begin in Minneapolis
  • 5/27/20 – In copycat fashion, Memphis, & Los Angeles erupt with looting and violence
  • 5/28/20 – Atlanta, New York City, Denver, Louisville, Kentucky erupt. New York City is particularly bad as cops stood by and didn’t protect the businesses. Looters basically did whatever they wanted to do in New York City.
  • 5/30/20 – Seattle allows demonstrators free rein as they took over a four-square block area of the city with three murders in the occupied area
  • 5//31/20 – The Miracle Mile in Chicago is looted; 18 are killed and 85 shot within a 24-hour period
  • Rioting continues in Portland beyond Election Day
  • Throughout the summer there were 12,000 destructive incidents
  • Two-thirds (8,000) were linked to Black Lives Matter
  • 3 law enforcement officers killed and more than 2,000 injured
  • 25 civilians killed
  • 16,000 people arrested
  • 8,000 of those cases dropped by liberal prosecutors.
  • $2,000,000,000 in property damage – Note: According to an insurance industry publication, insurers have begun raising deductibles and increasing premiums for riot insurance – small businesses will be the one’s most affected.
  • Each of the cities mentioned have one thing in common, they’re run by far-left democrat mayors and city councils

A year ago at this time who would have thought this was possible?  Let us hope 2021 is a much better year; God bless and all the best in the New Year

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